Locals block road at Natunbazar


Local people, including students of local educational institutions, on Friday blocked rod at Natunbazar in the capital for more than one hour demanding immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of killers of a minor girls of the locality. They started protests at about 11:00am on the road setting tyres and other materials on fire. The nine-year daughter of a car driver went missing after she went out of the house to buy a pencil on November 24 in the afternoon, the family said. Locals saw a plastic sack floating in a pond at Saidnagar on November 25 and recovered the body of the girl stuffed in the sack. Her hands were tied and there were marks of injuries in parts of her body, said the police. Several hundred locals, including students of local educational institutions, came down to the street, burned tyres and blocked road halting traffic movement. They alleged that the police were reluctant to arrest the killers. The police, however, claimed that the locals have formed human chain in the morning demanding punishment of the killers. During the agitation, the demonstrators set fire on the road adjacent to Bhatara police station. The investigation officer of the case, Abu Al Bashar, also Bhatara police sub-inspector, said that they had arrested a local young man Sourav on seeking him to be remanded in custody for 10 days for interrogation. The court, however, sent him to jail posting for Sunday the hearing in the police petition.

Source: New Age


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