Local company develops 6 mobile apps for international android market

They released the new apps marking the celebration of the month of victory

Six new locally developed mobile phone applications are now available for international market through Android software, says MCC Ltd, a leading company of Bangladesh.

They released the new apps marking the celebration of the month of victory.

One of the apps named Ekattor narrates the 1971 war of liberation the most significant event of Bengali national existence.

Other apps are: Hashpatal, Currency Converter, mToy, Lemon24.com, Arabic Tutor.

These apps are informative in different sectors, said the company.

Hashpatal can provide information like local and private hospitals in Bangladesh. Currency Converter is to covert exchange rates against the Taka.

mToy offers virtual of toy brand for children between the age zero to 5 years. Lemon24.com offers listening to all Bengali songs and Arabic Tutor offers learning Arabic alphabets with perfect pronunciation.

“All of our apps are rich in information, user-friendly and interactive interface.

All are homegrown and maintaining international standard,” SM Ashraf Abir, Chief Executive Officer of MCC Ltd told Dhaka Tribune.

He said the app ‘Ekattor’ was developed with many historical documents, rare photos and its portrayal of the period. It contains many more topics relating to nine months of sanguinary liberation war.

The app gets updated regularly with more documents, pictures and video clips. To bear the cognition of liberation war for the next generation, the app ‘Ekattor’ would be very helpful.

MCC Ltd enabled the apps to easily compete in the international market. Almost 4 million users across the globe are using the apps.

All apps are available on Google Play Store, Opera, Amazon, Symphony Fun Store and all major international Android market place. The apps could be downloaded from Google Play, follow the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=MCC+LTD.

Abir said MCC Ltd was also developing applications for government at least one apps for every ministry.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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