Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif: Cashing on the religious sentiment

By Nazmus Saquib

“Al Haj Hazrat Zakir Shah – a 50 year old self declared ‘peer (religious leader)’ is doing business cashing on the religious sentiment of the people”, — alleged a resident of city’s Faramgate when this reporter was talking with a group of local people to enquire about the activities of the mysterious Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif which is situated at the Indira Road in Dhaka’s Faramgate area. While talking with Amin, a murid (follower) of Zakir, some startling information shocked this reporter. “We (the followers of Zakir) believe he is a real ‘peer’ who should be followed because if someone like him guides us, then we have nothing to worry in the after life. He will take us to the path of Zannat (heaven)” said a confident Amin. When this reporter asked him about the number of followers his ‘peer’ has, a proud Amin said, “Our peer shahib has thousands of admirers at home and abroad. He has three darbar sharifs across the country. His first darbar sharif was built twenty five years ago in Narayanganj. Another one was built in about fifteen years ago in Mymensingh. Finally he has built this ten storied darbar sharif in Faramgate for the convenience of his followers in Dhaka. I think no other peer has such huge numbers of followers in the country.”

Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif in Farmgate

The followers of Zakir blindly believe him. They believe their beloved peer, who is often referred as ‘baba (father)’ has got spiritual power from peer sahib Hazrat Moulana Kutub Uddin Khan Matwaili of Matwail. Zakir was born in the village Kalgachhi of Narayanganj and studied there up till Class Eight. However his followers never questioned him about his knowledge because of their intense faith on his ‘spiritual’ power. They believe Zakir so much so that they donate all their earnings for the sake of their beloved ‘baba.’ “Baba needs money for spreading his religious works and hence we donate money to him” said one of his followers wishing anonymity. He further said, “Baba never used our donated money for his personal happiness. He has built a darbar on a 40-bigha stretch of land in Trishal of Mymensingh. Moreover he has also built a darbar on 12-bigha plot of land in Narayanganj. Besides this Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif in faramgate has been made on a five katha plot. This ten storied building itself signifies the popularity of baba”

Although the followers of Zakir have immense faith on him, but while talking with some local residents near Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif, this reporter got some negative feedbacks. “Our area (farmgate) has turned into an area of fraud ‘peers.’ There is another ‘peer’ called ‘Laal Fakir’ who is doing this same illegal business. However this Kutub Bagh ‘peer’ is more cunning. He has got the blessings of home minister Shahara Khatun who is also his follower. Every year this ‘peer’ is organizing three day long Urs (religious programme) where lakhs of takas are wasted. Nobody ever questioned him how he earned this money” said Monir Hossain, a school teacher. Talking in synch with Monir, another local resident wishing anonymity said, “This so called ‘peer’ is very influential. If we speak something against him, his followers will make our life miserable. Police even act as mere onlookers when they violate the traffic rules during their weekly Zalsha (religious gatherings held on every Thursday). They use loudspeakers and their followers create chaos occupying large portions of streets. Our children can not study here on Thursday.”
Preparations are going on in full swing for the upcoming annual Urs Sharif (religious programme) to be held later this month. The followers of Zakir are busy collecting donations by temporarily erected donation ‘camp.’ One such donation camp was spotted by this reporter.

Money is being collected from passers-by in the name of Urs(Religious Programme)

When we were about to take photo, the followers quickly disappeared. This reporter also wanted to go inside the Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif to talk with Zakir. But his followers prevented us. “You have to be a ‘murid’ first if you want to talk with baba” said one of his followers.

Photos are taken by the writer

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  1. I see a lot of mis-conception and mis-interpretation in the writing. Anyone can meet Peer Shaheb of Kutubbagh Darbar Sharif. You don’t need to be a murid (disciple) to meet Him. A media and information center has been set up which will remain operational during Urs Sharif. Media person can get more information about Kutubbagh Darbar Sharif from there. To know more about Kutubbagh Darbar Sharif one can visit http://www.kutubbaghdarbar.org.bd

  2. This guy is illegally using public squares, roads, cricket field and parks to make an yearly event for his disciples. Most disciples are innocent people who believe what he says and pour in money. The noise from the mike are unbearable. I live just next to the cricket field (the main staging area of the PEER). For one week to 10 days, my family life and my own life are at doldrums. The policeman told me this is done illegally with the silent consent of the lawmakers like the home minister. This should be immediately stopped. Let him go and do it by the Turag river. Lets his followers go there to hear him and not in the middle of the crowded and unbearable city.

  3. BEHOLD you idiot reporter! before you keep calling him “Zakir” another time. if you are really eager to know about him, email me talk to me i will tell you, just dont go on writing craps on your page. and even before talking to me, go on, and do some research work on sufis and how they worked and how does the followers of other Sufi worked……

    if you are a true journalist you will bounce back, if you are not, and keep on calling in names even after warniing, consider this a final warning next time we will meet “not in person”

  4. You are such a brave man and yet, you hide your real name. Please provide your phone number and real email no. I think you should act with civility and keep reading articled from other newspapers too. This sort of idiocracy by the peer and his followers in the public lands should stop immediately. He should have these urs in bank of Turag. Have fun there and have parties. No problem. Do not desecrate the green parks and the cricket fields. And spare the noise. I live next door and cannot stand this noise and crowds.

  5. I also Live in Farmgate. I saw the darbar sharif. I am observing it for 4 years, But I am sorry to say I didn’t find any illegal works done by Holy Master Kutubbagi. I saw HIM to pray for the farmgate, for dhaka.

    Sound may be problem for those who are used to hearing music, The waz mahfil sound is a big problem to those who are ready to hear Concert or DJ party.

  6. as a resident of farmgate, so far I know that Jakir sha pir shaheb of kutub bag is a great cheat to exploit the mass people in name of islam.
    At last ATN Bangla and ETV have proved the said. According to TV reporting , he has cheated one his followers to drive his land and sold it Destiny group at price of seventeen cor and fifty lach and after the sale he has strived away the said followe who was confined to darbarsharif for ten months and done a lodge a case against him regarding chadabazi to sher e bangla police station because of going to reporter of ETV. What a funny .

  7. Mr. Parvez: Kindly answer the relevant things. Did he get a permit to occupy this massive area? In the process, wht damages are done to the park. Do we have any grass in the park? Where do the kids play cricket as it gets occupied for almost 3 to 4weeks. Is it not true that Sahara Kahatoon and few other big people are his murids. Don’t they come for political support? Can you deny that? Do you deny there is no noise for these days? Also do you deny there is no traffic jam? Also will yor Peer take a drive to clean the Farm Gate area from squatters sleeping on the side walks and the park? Will he remove the vendors from the foot path island between Indira Road and the main road. This was meant for people to walk. WOuld he start a drive to educate people to keep puboic places clear for human use? Does not the Koran say obstruction of public property is ommoral and wrong? Where in the world do you find occupying a pubic property moral?

  8. Jakir is 100% cheat

    1. He has no institutional islamic education and can not read holy Quran
    2. His building of farmgate is unathorized by Rajuk and gas connection is alos unathorized.
    3. On his nose and secret organ , there is a cosmetic surjery which is haram by Islam
    3. He is homosextual , it is many times proved.
    See the anul of his follower whose name is babu in darbarsharif
    4.He is fond of luxury and the price of his spectators which he wears is about 15 lac and car is about 1 core.
    5. According to ETV and ATN , he has cheated one is followers whose name is shariful chisti who was confined to darbarsharif for nine monts and atlast Pir shaheb has taken power of attorny by force from him and sold it to destiny group at 16 core and 50 lac but amazingly the land owner was deprived of money and also lodged a chadabazi of ten lac taka case against him to sherebangla police station from darbarsharif and case number is 35/2012. The said chisti now is fugitive for fear of police and case.
    6. Per shaheb has not permission to make murid from enayetpur darbarsharif and recently was ousted from there.

    So every body should be allert regarding this vondo pir of jakir sha and shoul try to quit him from farmgate area.

  9. If anyone thinks this is Islamic it’s anything but! If what is being reported is true, this whole farcical Dorbar Shorif thing should be closed down ASAP because its causing all sorts problems for the neighborhood but MOST IMPORTANTLY this is misguiding a lot of Muslims & is taking them out of the fold of Islam because as Muslims we should only ask God, not some pseudo super-human who is a mortal like others & is not guaranteed Paradise, let alone “guiding” others to it. This has been mentioned in the Qur’an & the Ahadeeth numerous times & it is a matter crystal clear among the ‘proper’ scholars, not false so-called scholars.

  10. Kutub Bag Darber is blackmailing to people.it is totally Haram.so any one follow to such kind of PEER His name is MUSREK. He will go to Helfire
    (Jahannam)according Holy QURAN and Hadis

  11. I think the reporter has lack of knowledge about “Tasauf”. He can think only Sharyiat. I suggest him before going to report any of the “Mokkammel Peer” you should remember that you are going to burn yourself as well as your family. Once you will be found and sure but it will be too late.
    Some body giving reference from Holy Qu’ran and Hadith but I think it is also ignorance. What he knows about “Murakaba and Mushaheda”??? Also remember being a Olly no need to any academic back ground. Also remember the post is not reserve for any body it is open for all but this is not easy way.

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