Khaleda: We will not wait any longer

The BNP chief said the Sundarbans mangrove forest had been destroyed in a planned way – See more at:

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia addressing a 20-party alliance public meeting held at the Kanchpur Balur Math in Narayanganj yesterday  - See more at:
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia addressing a 20-party alliance public meeting held at the Kanchpur Balur Math in Narayanganj yesterday – 

Seemed more desperate than previous occasions, BNP Chairperson and the 20-party alliance Chief Khaleda Zia yesterday said they had already given the ruling government much time to hold a mid-term election under a non-partisan government.

“[Government] face me on the streets; do not cordon off my house with sand-laden trucks. If you open fire, I will face that too. I will see how they [law enforcers] open fire. We will stay on the streets – irrespective of winter, summer and the monsoon,” the three-time former premier told a mass rally in Kanchpur Balur Math of Narayanganj.

“We have waited 12 months to see [government holding] a fresh election under a non-party government after holding talks [with all parties]. But you did not pay any heed [to our demand]. Now we have no time to sit idle.

“I urge all, including mothers and sisters, to get united and take to the streets together. You will have to be there on the streets with whatever you have…under any circumstances. There is no use of shedding tears. We will have to stay there no matter how much time it takes to realise our demand.”

She also threatened non-stop programmes if the government increased prices of power, gas and fuel. “If the prices are hiked, programmes will be enforced from the following day. We will go back home only after ousting this illegal regime from office,” she said.

The BNP chief asked the audience whether they would participate in the upcoming movement and the presence replied “Yes” loudly raising their hands. “Bravo, bravo,” said an impressed Khaleda.

On the government’s sending a joint secretary on forced retirement for “holding a meeting with her,” Khaleda said the government had politicised the administration and that meritorious and brilliant officers were removed from positions based on “false allegations.”

Regarding the arrest of a woman in connection with the Bardhaman blast in West Bengal, the former premier claimed that the arrestee had been innocent. “It was reported [in media] that the woman was hatching conspiracy to kill [Prime Minister Sheikh] Hasina.

“There is no need of it. The more days she is alive, the more hatred she will be inviting…An innocent woman was arrested. It is a stage-managed drama. It is also said [executed JMB chief] Shayakh Abdur Rahman’s wife trained her; then why has Rahman’s wife not been arrested?”

During her speech, Khaleda castigated the prime minister several times on different issues. She alleged that Hasina did not love the country as all of her family members live abroad. She also questioned the role of the premier’s son as an adviser to the prime minister, for which he takes “more than Tk1.5 crore.”

The BNP chief said the Sundarbans mangrove forest had been destroyed in a planned way. She also questioned why a sand-carrying vessel would transport fuel oil. “It was done in a planned way to destroy the forest and its resources,” she said.

Apparently holding the government responsible for the oil spill incident, Khaleda said: “This regime is not only a man-eater but also Bangladesh-eater. It wants to gobble up Bangladesh to destroy its existence.”

She alleged that the arrests in Narayanganj seven murders were “mere eyewash” as the masterminds were moving freely. “Why [top RAB official] was Col Zia not arrested? One was sacked for an alleged meeting with me. How does a killer like Zia still remain in the job?”

Khaleda also labelled HM Ershad as a world famous shameless and “pet cat of Hasina.” She said Ershad was threatened with initiating proceedings in the Jamuna Tower and General Monzoor killing cases whenever he warned of resignation.

The BNP chief said the farmers were not getting fair price for their products as the government had imported 0.5m tonnes of rice.

Narayanganj district unit 20-party arranged the rally demanding election under a non-partisan interim government and protesting the incidents of “killing, enforced disappearance, abduction and the government’s repressive acts.”

As the venue of the meeting was just adjacent to Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Sylhet highways, communication on the roads came to a halt as the party leaders, activists and supporters had occupied the highway. Many passengers were seen walking to their destinations.

At the venue, balloons and posters were seen with portraits of BNP founder Gen Ziaur Rahman, Khaleda, her elder son Tarique Rahman and convicted war criminals of key BNP-ally Jamaat-e-Islami. A large banner on the sensational seven murders also drew attention of the audience.

Narayanganj district unit BNP President Taimur Alam Khandkar chaired the programme.

Khelafat Mojlish Chairman Mohammad Ishak offered a special prayer after Khaleda’s speech.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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