Join JS, place proposal PM tells opposition

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Star file photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked the opposition parties to stop issuing ultimatum for fulfillment of their demands and to join the parliament and place their proposal, if they have any, to make the upcoming general election a fair one

“Come to parliament and place whatever proposal you have. We want to hold a free, fair and credible election through talks and mutual cooperation,” the premier said Wednesday at an extended meeting of the ruling Awami League at Gono Bhaban, the PM’s official resident.

Chairing the meeting, she urged Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia to give up what she said the practice of issuing ultimatum, destructive activities, killings and looking for alternative ways to go to state power.

Ruling out the possibility of restoring a system for putting an unelected caretaker government to rule the country, the AL chief said people will choose the next government through a democratic way as is done in all democracies across the world.

“There is no problem if they don’t vote for us. It’s their choice. But we want to ensure the democratic system to continue.”

“But please don’t bring any undemocratic element,” the premier urged her political rivals.

In an oblique reference to the experience of caretaker government rule of 2007-08, the she said, “If you dig a canal and bring in a crocodile, it will definitely bite you.”

“Who knows whether such a government will not drive you out from the country like they did in case of your two sons,” Hasina said addressing her arch rival Khaleda Zia.

The meeting directed the AL leaders across the country to gear up preparation for the 10th parliamentary elections slated for early next year.

Syed Ashraful Islam, general secretary of the party, told the grassroots leader to rise above intra-party feud and do whatever necessary to ensure AL victory in the upcoming general election.

Hasina, in this regard, said she would herself talk with leaders of each unit of the party to assess the situation and give nomination on the basis of popularity, honesty and dedication of the aspirant candidates.

Source: The Daily Star


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