Jakir Shah of Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif, How this fake Pir enslaves poor people

Mohammed Nasim Ali

Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif in Farmgate's Indira Road

 Fondly called ‘Baba’ by his disciples, Jakir Shah, the self-styled pir or spiritual guru who runs Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif in Indira Road, has illegally erected the arches, spelling untold sufferings to the commuters. “We have never given him the permission to make arches in the middle of such a busy road,” says Captain Bipin Kumar Saha, head of Dhaka City Corporation’s (DCC) waste management section that gives permission to build arches in the city. He tells us that immediate action is going to be taken to dismantle them.

All the festivities occupying the entire Farm Gate area finally ended. People in the area are trying to get back to their normal lives. A local  resident of Farm Gate, Mohammed Nasim Ali (real name withheld due to possible threats from the Pir’s security apparatus) was curious. So he went into the building on Indira Road where the Pir calls home nearly at the end of the Urs. Here is how he described his experience at he Darbar Sharif.

When I reached the main gate of the Darbar Sharif, I found the Secretary of the Darbar Sharif waiting for me in the main entrance of building. Despite heavy security, I had no problem entering the building as the secretary himself was waiting to receive me in the main gate. The special heavy security was placed due to possible repercussion from enraged people when the followers of the Pir harassed an EVT journalist earlier on Wednesday. The journalist wanted to enter the Darbar Sharif building to interview Baba but the Pir’s followers manhandled the journalist and threw him out. They would not allow any journalists nor anyone with cameras inside.  It was a very strict rule. Everyone is watching you.

When I entered the building,  I was taken to the 3rd floor into a large hall room. Mr. Jakir Shah was sitting at the end of the big decorative sofa on top of the sofa’s back. He was surrounded by  a few stern looking persons who appeared more like thugs.  They were guarding the Pir and were giving necessary orders to the other followers as to where to stand, how to show respect to the Pir etc. I found a long queue of disciples who were desperately waiting for their turn to make their appearance to the Pir to receive his “trade mark”  blessings.  “He puts his finger on your heart,”  which is Jakir Shah’s way of purifying a human soul.

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I felt privileged as I was treated by the Secretary very respectfully. The Secretary then directly went to Baba and whispered something to his ear and Baba nodded meaning he agreed with his secretary. The secretary asked me to follow him. Breaking the normal rules for waiting first, I was treated with exception in that, I was directly taken inside to Baba who seemed to be waiting eagerly for me.  I found him leaning against the chair and was giving blessings to his followers by just nodding his head. I was wondering why was I treated so specially. Baba moved a little forward to welcome me and to my utter surprise, he forwarded his hands toward me for shaking hand. He is a fair and good looking man, with long yet well managed beard. Very fat. He was wearing turban and long white dress. While shaking his hands I realized that I should say something. What else I can ask for? I requested him pray for my family and my parents. He did not say a single word but he kept on holding my hand. Then all of a sudden, one of his attendants who was standing next to him said, “ Baba apnar Ruhu Dekhabe” (Baba wants to see your soul). Within fraction of a second, someone came from my left side and pulled my shirt upward. Before I understood anything, I saw Baba’s Index finger was heading towards my left rib. I felt a bullet hit there. It gave me pain as if I got a stinker from a wasp. I was stunned and remained perplexed. Suddenly I heard Baba saying to his Secretary, “Uni Jeno Kheye Jaan.” (He must eat before he leaves). Baba sat back in his previous position. The Secretary came and whispered in my ear to follow him. I complied. When we reached the staircase, I wanted leave the Darbar saying thanks to the Secretary for giving me priority. But the Secretary almost ordered me to follow him and he ordered me to eat as Baba dictated otherwise, it would surmount to disrespect of the Pir; and that would not be allowed. When I told him that I already ate and was full, he warned me not to make him a defaulter as Baba has ordered him to make sure that I feasted on a good meal. I got scared and followed his instruction and complied.

Then he took me to the fourth floor where there is a big living room decorated with expensive furniture. A few people were sitting there. I was advised to sit there and wait until he arrange my food. After waiting for a long while, he came back and requested me to follow him. I was taken to private dining room. He offered me Rice, Beef and Daal in a clay made plate. While I was eating, the Secretary kept advising me, I was now admitted to KG School in Baba’s school and that I had a long way to go. Once I become a true disciple then I will be allowed in Baba’s Darbar; almost looked like a Mughal ritual. He continued saying; a Darbar is like an University and I got admission in KG school. So I must come every day and keep attached and be attentive to all kinds of activities of the Darbar. He said, I will not have to look back if I keep coming there and work for Baba, which would take me to an upper world. He explained, they wanted a few educated people in their team instead of having a big number of illiterate followers. At the end, he stated it does not matter if I fail to offer prayers on daily basis. The only way to make it to God was by adhering to Baba’s Darbar.

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When I finished my food, I was taken to their library. The Secretary gave me a manual on Baba’s guideline for his followers. When everything was finished, I requested him to take me to Farm Gate park which was occupied by his organizers for a month. I faced strong security while entering into the park. I was surprised to see their arrangement. Its completely organized with full security details. He took me to the area where they slaughtered Cattles. Next to that area I found at least 50 butchers sitting and processing meat. Thereafter I found around 100 large cauldrons where large number of cooks were cooking rice, daal, vegetable and meat. The store room was huge and full of stock.

The other day, Mr. Ershad with the Awami League coalition, gave a speech in which he begged the Pir’s followers to put him to power by their votes. He promised to take care of them and their Baba once he is in power. It appeared to me, how fake the whole organization was. Politicians like Sahara Khatoon and many powerful people converge with this scam artist  just to maximize their vote banks or other illegal acts. It is a pity. A fake like Ershad would turn to vulnerable people like the Baba’s captive adherents just for their votes. It is so wrong. I hope people understand this. The followers go there for salvation. In return they become captives. They give all their belongings thinking God sent this great man to salvage them. What we see is a scam who is cheating on these poor people. And people like Ershad and Sahara Khatoon and many others encourage this scam Pir.

Superman or scam, the urs that Jakir Shah is holding in Anowara Park in front of the National Parliament, the country’s highest seat of power, is confrontational with the law on conservation of playgrounds, parks, open spaces and wetlands. The law prohibits rent and lease of these places for anything other than their designated use.

To make matters even more grievous, there is a nine-year-old High Court rule that tells the government to ensure proper maintenance and protection of playground and parks. However, Kabir Ahmed Bhuiyan, Chief Engineer, Public Works Department of the Public Works Ministry (PWM) says that the Ministry has allowed Kutub Bag Darbar Sharif to use the park free of cost.

When he is reminded of the High Court rule, he grimly declares, “We will not give any such permission again in the future.”

Sharif Jamil, joint secretary of Poribesh Bachao Andolan, an organization that fights for the protection of environment, says that in our country, especially in Dhaka, our breathing space is limited as it is, and because of these kind of allowances, parks and playing fields remain unusable to the city dwellers for most of the time.

“There are corrupt officials in the Ministry who give such permissions. They take bribes and tell the media that they will never do it again,” Sharif says, “And within a few days they give another organization the go ahead to use parks and fields. I have seen a month-long handloom fare take place in Anowara Park.”

Advocate Manzill Murshed thinks the Ministry should be more cautious while allowing different organizations to use parks and fields. “Permission should not be indiscriminately given,” he says.


  1. There should be gono andolon against this frauds Jakir Shah and also Ershad and Sahara Khatoon and political goons. These people are destroying the sensitive fabric of people’s believes. Poor people get enslaved in that 10 story building. And our politicians are encouraging this scourge. What a country. Where is the PM. Is she sleeping? She passes through there every day. The law minister lives next door. He is busy prosecuting the war criminals. These political people are robbing people of money, their morals and finally poor people’s hope for salvation. Salvation from these very corrupted officials and politicians. Even they are robbed from there cleansing hearts.

  2. Jakir is 100% cheat

    1. He has no institutional islamic education and can not read holy Quran
    2. His building of farmgate is unathorized by Rajuk and gas connection is alos unathorized.
    3. On his nose and secret organ , there is a cosmetic surjery which is haram by Islam
    3. He is homosextual , it is many times proved.
    See the anul of his follower whose name is babu in darbarsharif
    4.He is fond of luxury and the price of his spectators which he wears is about 15 lac and car is about 1 core.
    5. According to ETV and ATN , he has cheated one is followers whose name is shariful chisti who was confined to darbarsharif for nine monts and atlast Pir shaheb has taken power of attorny by force from him and sold it to destiny group at 16 core and 50 lac but amazingly the land owner was deprived of money and also lodged a chadabazi of ten lac taka case against him to sherebangla police station from darbarsharif and case number is 35/2012. The said chisti now is fugitive for fear of police and case.
    6. Per shaheb has not permission to make murid from enayetpur darbarsharif and recently was ousted from there.

    So every body should be allert regarding this vondo pir of jakir sha and shoul try to quit him from farmgate area.

  3. Thank you Mr Hassan. This man is a criminal. Our politicins
    Are working with this rascal. Entire Bangladesh needs to wake up and stop this man.

  4. Jakir is not a fake pir and the comment of sariful chisty has already proved false..so realize the truth……..

  5. Unfortunately, we Muslims are far away from the holy Qur’an. So,in every sphere of our life we are being misleaded by these so called ‘Khaja babas”. However,let me refer some verses of holy Qur’an. In sura Jumar ( 10) verse 43 – Have they taken others as intercessors besides Allah? Say,’Even if they have power over nothing whatever and have no intelligence?’ and Verse 44- Say, ‘ To Allah belongs all intercession. His is the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth, then to Him you shall be brought back.’ Referred to sura Nazam (53) verse 26 – ‘And there are many angels in the heavens, whose intercession will not avail at all except (only) Allah has permitted (it) to whom He wills and approves’.

    So, the activity which is being done by so called ‘Khaja baba’ is completely ‘haram’ in eye of holy Qur’an and no doubt he and his associates will purchase the permanent address in hell.

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