Ivy banks on women, Sakhawat hopes for landslide as they hit campaign trail in Narayanganj City

Her rival, the BNP’s Sakhawat Hossain Khan, after launching his campaign, says he is confident of a massive win.

The mayor and councillor candidates of Narayanganj City Corporation hit the campaign trail after official allocation of their electoral symbols on Monday.

Ivy got the Awami League’s ‘boat’ and Sakhawat the BNP’s ‘paddy sheaf’.

The supporters have created a festive environment by going door to door seeking votes for their candidates.

The leaders and activists of ruling Awami League and its main rival showed off with huge processions from Narayanganj Club where the polls logos were distributed.

Ivy started her campaign officially at Dodnail in Siddhirganj at 4pm. She knocked the doors of the voters at Ward-6.

In the street rallies, she urged the voters to re-elect her in order to continue development.

Ivy, the first female mayor in Bangladesh, sought special attention of the women voters.

“Mothers and sisters, you were with me in the last election. You were my force and courage. I hope you will vote me again,” she told a gathering of hundreds of women in front of Ekota Underprivileged Women’s Welfare Association at Godnail.

“I got your blessing with ‘pen and inkpot’ symbol’ five years ago. This time, my symbol is ‘boat’ as you know. But whatever the symbol is, I am the same Ivy,” she added.

She claimed she did not care about party lines in doing her work. “I have always protested against wrongdoings. I have never gone soft on corruption. I don’t harbour any group of hoodlums,” she said.

Sakhawat, on the other hand, kicked off his campaign by holding special prayers at a mosque in Ward-23 at 4:30pm.

“The people of Narayanganj are waiting eagerly to get back the right to vote,” he said.

Earlier, after getting his electoral symbol officially, he told reporters: “There is a huge outpouring of emotions among the people. Wherever I went, I saw that they want the opportunity to vote fairly.”

“They will vote for change if they are allowed to cast their ballots without any fear,” the BNP mayoral hopeful added.

He urged the Election Commission to create a ‘level’ playing field for the election.

“An environment with equal opportunities for all has yet to be created,” he alleged.

BNP Standing Committee Member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy was also present.

After distributing the symbols among the candidates, Returning Officer Nuruzzaman Talukder warned them against violation of the electoral code of conduct.

“A candidate can be reckless, but the law is not reckless. It needs time to enforce the law.”

“We will have to be patient. But since there are 27 magistrates in 27 wards, I don’t think someone will be able to get away with breaking law,” he added.

Sakhawat had earlier alleged that Ivy was breaching the code.

Source: Bd news24


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