Interim-govt proposals aim to leave me out of politics: Hasina


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said the recent proposals coming from different quarters over the interim government are nothing but to minus her and her party from national politics.

She made the observation while speaking at the Awami League Parliamentary Party (ALPP) meeting held at Sangsad Bhaban in the morning.
The proposals are designed to “minus me and Awami League” from politics, the AL chief was quoted as saying by some MPs who attended the ALPP meeting.
Criticising the recent activities of some advisers to the last caretaker government, Hasina said now they are putting forward proposals, though they had failed to hold an election when they were in office.
She insisted that these proposals are to destroy the Awami League and the country’s democratic system.
Source: UNBConnect


  1. Perhaps Sk. Hasina said the right thing because she has already realized that if national election is held under a neutral caretaker govt she and her voraciously belly-happy party will be nowhere. We hate those who perpetrated most heinous atrocities on the innocent people during the liberation war but what about the development during the last forty two years by the singers of the tiresome chorus of so-called ‘chetana’? Has anyone of the ‘war criminals’ plundered public money, siphoned billions of taka out of the country, defrauded the NCBs and non-NCBs thousands of crores of taka, sunk the long-cherished dream of ‘Padma Bridge’ into the Padma itself, swindled simple gullible people in the name of ‘muktijuddher chetana’ with over ten billion taka, rampant corruption, land, water and all-grabbings, tenderbazi and so many other despicable crimes? Has all these been done by the Hefazat or other Islamist parties/groups? Is there anyone brave enough to answer?


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