I am aghast as a writer and teacher: Syed Manzoorul Islam

Syed Manzoorul Islam

Syed Manzoorul Islam

I am aghast as a writer and teacher. It was wrong to have embroiled Mushtaq Ahmed in such a case and push him to his death. I demand the release at this moment of cartoonist Kishore who was arrested in this case. We have a constitution. This constitution is the basis of running the state. I feel the government must have belief in the constitution. This very constitution recognises the freedom of expression.

Criticising the government does not mean opposing the government, and certainly not opposing the state. If the government actually thinks there is a conspiracy against it, there is the Press Council to approach, there are the prevailing laws. It is wrong to opt for the Digital Security Act rather than follow the regular route. Unless this wrongdoing is addressed, it will give rise to many more.


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