Govt plying tricks over dialogue: BNP

News - Govt plying tricks over dialogue: BNP
BNP standing committee member Barrister Rafiqul Islam Miah on Friday alleged that the government is playing tricks over dialogue fearing its debacle in the next general election if it is held under a non-party government.

“The Prime Minister has come up with the call for talks. Now they (govt) have resorted to ploy over the dialogue as they’re in fear that they’ll have to reinstate the caretaker government if the dialogue is held which will lead to their defeat in the election,” he said.

Rafique made the allegation while addressing a discussion at the National Press Club making the historic Farakka Long March Day.

He was critical of the Prime Minister’s remarks that no election will be held in the country under an unelected government, saying, “The general election is held in all the countries in the world after dissolution of parliament. So, no one remains elected representative after that.”

The BNP policymaker said the government is trying to hold a lopsided election under their own arrangement to cling to power.

Reiterating the opposition’s demand for restoration of the non-party caretaker government system to oversee the next polls, he said, “Our stance is clear no election will be held or be allowed under a partisan government. The government will be forced to accept our caretaker government demand in the face of people’s movement.”

Mentioning that the country is going through a very critical time, he said a national consensus is very urgent at this time to restore democracy and free the country from misrule and corruption.

Criticising the government for its subservient policy regarding India the BNP leader said the country did not get anything from the neighbouring county though it is enjoying many facilities from Bangladesh.

Source: UNB Connect


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