Govt conspiring to return to Baksal rule: Mosharraf

News - Govt conspiring to return to Baksal rule: Mosharraf
 Senior BNP leader Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain on Friday alleged that the government is conspiring to return to the one-party ‘Baksal rule’ keeping top BNP leaders in jail and gagging the media.

He came up with the allegation while addressing a human chain programme in front of the National Press Club.

People of Noakhali-5 constituency living in Dhaka organised the programme demanding the withdrawal of the ‘false’ cases filed against BNP leaders and activists and their immediate release.

Describing Barrister Moudud Ahmed as the ‘protector of democracy’, Mosharraf said, “By arresting him, the government has proved that democracy isn’t safe in its hands.”

In a separate programme, another front-ranking BNP leader MK Anwar alleged that the government has misguided people in the name of discussion with the opposition.

“The (govt) on the one hand is saying that discussion is crucial. On the other hand, they arrested our leaders,” he said while addressing another human chain programme organised by Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Motor Chalak Dal at the same venue.

Urging the government not to be driven by lust of power, the BNP leader said, “BNP’s movement can’t be resisted by sending its leaders and activists to jail as country’s people have built forts everywhere against the government.”

Source: UNB Connect


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