Govt betrayed martyrs: Kamal

Govt betrayed martyrs: Kamal

Prothom Alo English Desk |  Mar 27, 2019

Kamal Hossain. File PhotoJatiya Oikya Front leader Kamal Hossain on Wednesday alleged that the government has betrayed the martyrs of the Liberation War by “capturing power” without people’s mandate, reports UNB.

“There’s no scope to exercise people’s right to franchise in the country…evil forces are active to turn lies into truths. The voting was held on the night of 29 December but people were thanked for giving them (Awami League) vote for five years,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion arranged by Gono Forum at the National Press Club marking the 49th independence day, Kamal said it is an irresponsible act to rule the country’s 160 million people based on an imaginary thing.

“The country was liberated in 1971 at the cost of the lives of lakhs of people but they aren’t only deceiving us but also the martyrs by grabbing power and snatching civic rights of the people of an independent country. Such betrayal with martyrs is an unprecedented act,” the Gono Forum president said.

Kamal, also the president of Gono Forum, said people did not sacrifice their lives to install an individual in power. “They laid down their lives to make people owners of the country.”

In the constitution signed by Bangabandhu, he said, “It was written in it that the state power can be exercised by elected representatives. It cannot be acceptable the way the government is saying that they have got the power for five years ignoring the constitution.”

Kamal also questioned as to how the current MPs will play a role for people since they are not elected by them.

He said they do not want any violence in the country as it only causes loss of lives, create instability and hamper economic development and governing system.

The Oikya Front leader asked the government to work out programmes for holding a free and fair election in the country by this year. “You (AL) should hand over power to elected representatives after a credible election”, he added.


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