Folk songs presented on Pahela Phalgun


Chhayanaut couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate time to host its annual folk music programme: Pahela Phalgun, the first day of Phalgun marking the beginning of the spring season.
On Friday, the organisation hosted the event as part of its campaign to promote the musical heritage of rural Bangladesh, before an audience mostly dressed in yellow and orange and imbued with the spirits of joy, romance and spiritual renewal that the season stands for.
It presented evergreen folk numbers of indigenous bards such as Kangal Dinhin, Aarkum Shah, Shamsher Ali, AKM Abdul Aziz and Sirajul Islam – featuring both chorus and solo performances.
The evening began with a chorus presentation of Bandhua Aila Go Ghorey, a Kangal Dinhin number, followed by Aarkum Shah’s Panch Waqt-er Namaz Porey and Sirajul Islam’s devotional number Nabi Mor Parashmani.
Mokhlesur Rahman Mintu delighted the audience with his presentation of Kangal Dinhin’s popular song Shyam Re Tomar Sone, while Nadira Begum presented AKM Abdul Aziz’s Kokil Amar Daale Boisha befitting the occasion.
Noted folk artistes Sardar Mohammad Rahamatullah and Biman Chandra Bishwas rendered bard Sirajul Islam’s songs Amar Praner Pran Pakhi and Holudiya Pakhi Sonali Baron at the porgramme.
Artistes Narayan Chandra Sil, Swapna Roy, Abul Kalam Azad, Mohammad Khairul Islam and Erfan Hossain also performed several crowd-pleasing folk numbers.
Source: New Age