Execution of PM plan to annihilate democracy: BNP


BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain on Wednesday said democracy will be wiped out if the Prime Minister’s design to hold the next polls under a partisan government is implemented.

“The Prime Minister is chalking out a blueprint to hang onto power by holding a lopsided election under a party government. Democracy will meet its tragic end of existence if her plan is implemented,” he told a discussion.

Sushil Forum Kendria Sangsad arranged the discussion, titled ‘Cancellation of political party’s registration and necessity of the caretaker government, at the Jatiya Press Club.

Earlier on Monday giving an outline for the next polls, the Prime Minister announced that the general election will be held without dissolving the current parliament and the cabinet.

In a meeting with secretaries at the Cabinet Division, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also said the constitutional term of the present government will expire on January 24, 2014 and the next general election would have to be held within its previous 90 days.

Rejecting the prime Minister’s plan, Mosharraf said Sheikh Hasina is pushing the country towards violence and uncertainty only because of her greed for power and obstinacy.

The BNP leader said the 18-party alliance will not go to the next election if it is held under the current government led by Sheikh Hasina.

He warned that the people of the country will not allow the ruling party to hold a stage-managed election keeping BNP out of the race.

Mentioning that there is no alternative to waging a harder movement, Mosharraf, also a former minister, urged the party leaders and activists to get ready for taking to the streets to realise their demand for holding the next polls under a non-parry administration.

Source: UNB Connect


  1. Abandoned and Shipwreck Hasina’s vicious de-Islamization programme has backfired threatening the annihilation of her party of dictatorial tendency in the ensuing general election if held under a neutral caretaker government as desired by 86% of the people of this country according to leading Bengali daily “PROTHOM ALO’S survey. Western donor nations leading by the World Zionist Congress-subservient Anglo-American rulers though do not want any Muslim state to have Islamic government yet they would not support any undemocratic means that is designed to smash all political opposition to perpetuate her power. Awami League & its apostate-communist allies finding it very hard to absorb the shock they received in the recently held countrywide Mayoral election where not a single one of their candidate could win and an angry Hasina lashed out & cindemned the electorates accusing them “ELECTING THUGS AND TERRORISTS DESPITE HER GOVERNMENT DOING SO MUCH GOOD FOR THE MASSES”- From Dhaka Mukta Munni Bijli:05.09.13


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