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The notice was sent to Quader after he gave an interview to a newspaper where he made some remarks on the secretary general. has obtained a copy of this notice.

In this notice, Ershad has told Quader that he is junior to Bablu in politics, and should exercise caution while speaking about him.

“You are being warned that you will adhere to party discipline and ideology when speaking at public events or to the media. You should remember your past experiences in these matters,” the notice read.

Jatiya Party , an ally in the government’s last term, contested the 10th national elections after much political drama.

Ershad, who announced that he would boycott the election, was whisked off to Combined Military Hospital by law enforcers in charge of his security due to ‘illness’, and ended up contesting the polls and winning.

Quader, on the other hand, lost his seat.

During the elections the party was practically led by Ershad’s wife and presidium member Rowshan Ershad. Bablu is thought to have maintained the liaison with the Awami League at that time.

In his interview, published in a national daily on May 25, GM Quader was asked about the popular notion that Bablu’s recent appointment as the secretary general was done at Awami League’s urging.

Ershad thinks what Quader said in reply was a ‘violation’ of party discipline.

“As a policymaker in the party, you should have protested. Instead you supported the statement and said – ‘It is true that he is a junior leader and there is controversy in the party over his appointment. The government is dominating JP, especially its parliamentary party. Ershad’s hold over the party is weakening’,” the notice read.

“These remarks are in direct violation of party discipline. As chairman, I have appointed him (Bablu) constitutionally. There is no controversy over his appointment.”

Ershad remarked that Quader, who came into politics from civil service, was junior in politics compared to former DUCSU general secretary Bablu.

“You should have taken the secretary general’s political career into consideration before passing a remark. You have undermined him and raised doubts about the chairman’s decisions,” he said.

Source: BD news24


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