DU Campus under Mealybug attack

Education Minister has urged everyone not to be afraid of the insects rather to be aware of it

Dhaka University campus has come under Mealybug attack as the bug showed up at the University campus just days after Home Economics College shut amid the intensified foreign bug attack.

The foreign insects were mostly seen at the Institute of Education and Research (IER), Mol chattar, and Government Laboratory schools premises.

While visiting these places, most of the trees are seen to be covered with the insects while two or three trees were intensely veiled.

Rifaz Mahmud, a third year student of IER told the Dhaka Tribune: “The rapid Mealybug’s move has created panic among the students of the institute.”

Dhaka University Assistant Proctor Robiul Islam said: “The university authorities will talk to respective experts to resist the reproduction of the bugs .”

However, he said that ‍according to the advice of Education Minster, we have told the Dhaka City corporation authorities to spray insecticide on affected trees.

Earlier, on Tuesday morning, a water tank of DCC was seen at the campus where some labors sprayed water on affected trees.

Meanwhile, on Sunday Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid urged everyone not to be afraid of the insects rather to be aware of it.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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