Draft law allowing govt to acquire land of religious institutions okayed

The cabinet on Monday gave final approval to the draft Acquisition and Requisition of Immovable Property Bill 2017 incorporating a provision that would allow the government to acquire land of any religious institutions including mosques, temples and graveyard if inevitable for public interest.

The draft, however, retains the provision that land of religious institutions like mosques, pagodas, temples and graveyards cannot be acquired generally.

‘The land of religious institutions if essential for public interest could be acquired provided that those institutions should be relocated and reinstated at the costs of the persons or institutions for which the land is acquired,’ cabinet secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam told a press conference after the meeting.

He said that the cabinet gave the final approval to the draft bill increasing the compensation four times higher the market price of the land to be acquired from any individual for any public purposes.

The land ministry placed the draft bill at the weekly cabinet meeting chaired by prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

Source: New Age


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