Don’t invite trouble thru’ broadcast policy: Ershad


Apparently opposing the new national broadcast policy, Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on Thursday called upon the government not to stifle the media as it may invite danger for itself.

“Don’t gag the media. If you do this you may fall in danger. Let the media speak the truth and try to have the strength to endure the jolt of truth,” he said pointing at the government.

Ershad, also a special envoy to the Prime Minister, came up with the call while addressing a programme of Jubo Sanghati at the Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh.

The programme was arranged to accord a reception to Jatiya Party’s Dhaka city south unit new convener Syed Abu Hossain Babla and joint convener Rezaul Islam Bhuiyan.

Ershad, a former military ruler, suggested the government to discuss with the media people about the broadcast policy.

Criticising the government for what he said its failure to ensure public security, the former President said the law and order is now out of control of the administration. “The country which fails to ensure the security of its people is a chaotic country.”

The Jatiya Party chief said people are getting killed one after another in the country but there has been no remedy.

“The country has become unliveable. Those who have money are fleeing the country in fear of their lives,” he observed.

Ershad said will ensure peace and security for people if they voted him to power in the future.

Claiming that people now want a change in the regime, Ershad said though he had a target to get 151 seats in the next polls earlier, now he is aiming to have the two-thirds majority (201 seats).

“Now people’s slogan is the days of the two female leaders (Hasina and Khaleda) are over as Jatiya Party will lead Bangladesh. Awami League and BNP have now become hated parties. They’ve no right to go to power.” 

Source: UNB


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