DHAKA NORTH CITY POLLS Mintoo wealthiest, Hajjaj at bottom

Annisul leaves a blank in ownership of motor vehicle










BNP leader Abdul Awal Mintoo emerged as the richest candidate vying for the mayoral post of Dhaka north city, and also in most legal trouble, with 13 cases against him pending with the courts.
Mintoo reported annual income around Tk 4 crore 65 lakh, against the 75 lakh annual income reported by AL-backed candidate Annisul Haque. Business tycoon Musa Bin Shamsher’s
son Bobby Hajajj reported annual income in the range of Tk 6.5 lakh.
Annisul, former FBCCI president, also did not mention ownership of any vehicle in his name, or his spouse.
Other candidates, including former president Badruddoza Chowdhury’s son Mahi B. Chowdhury, former lawmaker Sarah Begum Kabori, Abdullah Al Kafee and Zonayek Saki reported annual incomes in the range of Tk 10 lakh to 20 lakh.
Their affidavits, submitted along nomination papers, were made available on the Election Commission website.
The Awami League nominated mayoral aspirants Annisul Haque holds a masters degree and has never been charged with any offence. In his affidavit, Annisul claimed ownership of Mohammadi Group Limited, besides other establishments.
Annisul’s annual income amounted to around TK 75 lakh, from rent, business profits and shares and bonds.
He also reported liquid assets worth Tk 1.5 crore, and non agricultural land worth around Tk 3.5 crore, house worth Tk 70 lakh in his wife’s name and a seven katha land in his children’s name.
Annisul has loan worth Tk 5 crore from banks such as City Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, One bank, Premier Bank, National Bank, and Exim Bank.
Abdul Awal Mintoo, a former president of FBCCI, was arrested on the eve of January 5, 2014 general election.
At present there are 13 cases against Minto, on which, he got bail in five cases and the verdict in eight other cases is still pending. Earlier, there were three cases against Mintoo.
Mintoo also cited many establishments under his ownership.
Mintoo reported annual income in the range of Tk 4.65 crore from rent, business, agriculture, shares and bonds, and return on investment and savings.
He further mentioned around Tk 15 crore in liquid assets, with a portion of it under his wife’s name.
Mintoo’s house is valued at around Tk 30 crore, another around Tk 20 crore under his wife’s name and another Tk 62 crore in joint ownership.
His loans include Tk 1. 81 lakh from his son Tafsir Mohammad Awal, Tk 1.81 lakh from Security Management Company Limited, Tk 1 lakh advance against flat rent and Tk 1.47 lakh bank loan.
Mintoo has loans from different banks worth Tk 17, 793 lakh.
There is no case against MBA holder mayoral aspirant, Bobby Hajjaj, son of businessman Musa Bin Shamsher and former special adviser to Jatiya Party chairman H M Ershad.
The 2007 audit report of a Malta-based chartered accountants firm, said that Bobby’s father Musa made $10 billion, mostly from international arms trading and power brokerage, and laundered the money outside Bangladesh.
Bobby in his affidavit mentioned that he teaches at American International University, Banani. He is also a director DATKO Private Company Limited, Banani.
His annual income is at around Tk 6.5 lakh, Tk 2, 13, 572 from share prize bonds and bank savings, and Tk 4, 14, 000 from teaching.
Bobby’s movable wealth includes cash Tk 60,000, Tk 45, 000 (wife), foreign currency worth of $5989, bonds, shares worth of Tk 50, 000, gold 100 bhori (wife).
His immovable wealth includes only a flat owned by his wife. Bobby does not have bank loans.
Mayoral aspirant of Dhaka North City, politician Abdullah Al Kafee’s annual income stands at around Tk 19 lakh from rent, shares and salary.
He also reported assets worth close to Tk 2 crore.
Mayoral aspirant of Dhaka North City, Mohamamd Zonayed Abdur Rahim Saki’ annual income was cited at Tk 10, 89, 280 from business sources.
There is no case against the celebrity actress, and former lawmaker Sarah Begum Kobori.
She reported income worth Tk 20 lakh
She reported her income at around Tk 20 lakh and assets at more than Tk 1.5 crore.
Kobori’s movable wealth includes a six-storied building in Gulshan 2. She has no bank loan.
Mahi Badruddoza Chowdhury completed his graduation in political science. He owns K C Memorial Clinic Limited and Entertainment Republic, a media production house.
Mahi’s annual income stands at around Tk 10 lakh from business and shares. He also reported assets worth at around Tk 30 lakh, outside a piece of land priced at Tk 31, 62, 500.
He has Tk 28, 85, 000 in loan from Mercantile Bank Limited, Kawran Bazar branch.

Source: New Age


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