Demand of war crimes convicts’ release at rally

Jamaat-Shibir procession

A Shibir activist carries a placard demanding release of a war criminal in 18 party opposition combine rally in the capital on Friday. Photo courtesy of Prothom Alo

Hundreds of activists of Jamaat-e-Islam and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir occupied large portion of the rally venue — Suhrawardy Udyan — to voice their demand of release of their leaders either convicted or undergoing trial for war crimes.

They were the first to reach the rally venue in the morning when the opposition men were still working to install the podium.

With large banners and placards with demands photographs of arrested and convicted Jamaat leaders, they marched towards the venue marching different city streets.

They were chanting different slogans criticising the government and demanding immediate release of their top leaders.

Jamaat-Shibir procession

They were quick to take position at the front side.

As the preparation was going on, repeated announcements were made asking the leaders and activists not to lock into any clash over taking position.

Source: The Daily Star


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