BNP warned against disrupting poll

He made the comment after inaugurating the RAB-7 headquarters at Chittagong’s Potenga Thursday.

“If any individual or vested quarter opts out of election, we will welcome that as it is a right of a citizen. But if you take a step farther threatening that the election will be prevented then the state will resist it with its full force and strength.”

The 15th constitutional amendment for the first time has made it possible for a party to stay in power during election. The 10th national election is set to be held with the ruling Awami League still running the government.

The BNP has been opposing the amendment stating that free and fair election is not possible under a partisan government. The government is bound to hold the election in the period between Oct 25 and Jan 24.

The opposition has been demanding that the constitutional provision for a caretaker government to oversee the national election be reinstated. AL has discarded the demand.

Alamgir praised RAB for its ‘outstanding’ performance in containing crimes.

Forests Minister Hasan Mahmud also attended the programme. He criticised the opposition for threatening to launch an anti-government movement from Oct 25 and said it lacked knowledge about the election procedure.

“They appear to have no knowledge that the incumbent government will not become an interim one on Oct 25. It will turn an interim government only after the election schedule is announced.”

Lawmaker from Chittagong-10 constituency MA Latif criticised those who speaks against the activities of RAB citing human rights violations.

Source: Bd news24


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