BNP ungrateful, says Ghulam Azam’s son

He also expressed astonishment over the BNP’s ‘lack of gratitude’ in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Azmi shared a news article published by an online newspaper on his profile. Roughly translated, the title of the article reads ‘BNP boycotts Azam’s Janaza on Tarique’s order’.

He asked in the Facebook whether anyone could confirm the news item.

Top war criminal Azam, who led the Jamaat during the Liberation War, died at the BSMMU on Oct 23 while serving a 90-year sentence for crimes against humanity handed down last year.

No BNP leader, except Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, showed up at his funera.

“The whole nation is disappointed at BNP’s silence after Prof Ghulam Azam expired although the entire world is mourning. I’m not sure why!!” Azmi wrote.

“I have no hesitation in saying that BNP could never form government without Jamaat’s support,” he said.

“Sadly enough, their silence on the death of the founder Ameer of the party, and spiritual Guru till his death, is utterly unexpected and unacceptable!”

The BNP, Jamaat’s key ally, has not commented on any of the war crimes conviction and deaths of war crimes convicts.

Party chief Khaleda Zia has said the BNP’s relation with Jamaat is a mere ‘electoral understanding’.

Azmi, an expelled army officer, said he was surprised. “How ungrateful they can be!!!”

“BNP will do better if they remember that they can never come back to power again without Jamaat’s support. This is my open challenge,” he said.

When approached, he confirmed to that he uses the Facebook under his name and operates it himself.

He uses pictures of his days in uniform as both his profile picture and cover photo.

Azmi was fired from the army when he was a Brigadier General on June 23, 2009. He had moved the court but in vain.

“I just expressed my opinion posting (sharing) the news item,” he told

“It was an unfortunate matter. I shared the post to see if anyone could confirm it (the news item),” Azmi added.

Source: Bd news24


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