BNP leader Gayeshwar Roy questions his party’s stance on Union Parishad election


At least 30 persons died in polls-related violence in the first two legs of the six-phase Union Parishad election.

The election to the chairman post of the local government’s grassroots tier is being held for the first time on party lines.

BNP leaders alleged large-scale vote rigging in the first two phases and threatened to boycott the last three phases if the same happened in the third leg.

A meeting of its Standing Committee chaired by party chief Khaleda Zia decided to continue to participate in the elections.

Roy, a member of the committee, said in a discussion on Friday, “A festival of killing is underway in the Union Parishad election. The people cannot cast vote. They don’t want this election.”

“We all are saying ‘[the people] cannot vote, it’s a farce… killings are happening’. But we all are taking part in it. What is the reason?” he asked.

“Why are we supporting this election? Will not the people perceive it as a support to the government? Will they trust us after this? I believe they will not [accept it]” he said.

Roy added that it was his personal opinion.

He said, “I am not defying the party decision. But as a general citizen it bothers me. Why are we taking part in the election? Has their (government) character changed?”

Referring to the US Department of State’s annual report on human rights, the BNP leader said, “John Kerry (Secretary of State) said human rights are being violated in Bangladesh due to an election without the people’s support.”

“It is plain and simple that human rights will be violated in the hands of a monstrous government. No research is needed to say this,” he said.

“Only democracy can uphold human rights. The question of human rights doesn’t arise where there is no democracy,” he added.

Source: Bd news24


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