BNP had a plan to overthrow govt thru Hefajat: Ashraful

News - BNP had a plan to overthrow govt thru Hefajat: Ashraful
 Awami League general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam on Thursday alleged that the main opposition BNP had a plan to overthrow the government through Hefajat-e-Islam’s recent rally in the city.
“BNP had an ill-motive to topple an elected government through this (Hefajat’s) programme. They had thought they would be able to dislodge the government within four days with the help of Jamaat and Hefajat… but we, under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, tacked the situation skillfully,” he said.
Ashraf came up with the allegation at a roundtable meeting, titled ‘Political Violence and Anarchy’, organised by Bangladesh Awami League at the National Press Club.
Mentioning that BNP could not keep Hefajat men despite spending crores of taka, the AL secretary general said Hefajat activists left capital like defeated forces and cats realising the government’s strength.
Stating that the ruling party was about to reach an understanding with BNP last week to hold a dialogue to resolve the political stalemate, Ashraf said BNP turned back due to the Hefajat’s programme.
Making his party stance clear on holding dialogue with the opposition, the Awami League leader reiterated that they are always sincere in sitting for dialogue with the opposition to resolve the present political crisis.
He also called upon BNP to adopt peaceful means to break the current political stalemate. “Leave the wrong ways. Come back on straight paths. Problems had been solved between Awami League and BNP through dialogues in the past and so will be done this time, too.”
Urging people not to get panicked over the present political unrest, he said, “There is nothing to be worried. We’ve enough strength to tackle the situation.”
On war crimes trial, he reaffirmed the government’s resolve in completing the trial and said, “No force will be able to foil the trial.”
“The logical conclusion of war crimes trial will be drawn soon. The punishment handed down by the tribunals to war criminals will be executed,” he said.
In response to a query over enacting an anti-hartal law to put an end to the ongoing anarchy, Syed Ashraf said the political issues should be resolved through mutual discussions instead of involving courts in the process. “Once court gets involved in political confrontations…the results won’t be good in the future,” he said.
Ashraf, also the LGRD Minister, hoped that the political problems will be resolved through discussions as done in the past.
Environment and Forests Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud, former Law Minister Abdul Matin Khasru and eminent journalist Abed Khan, among others, spoke at the programme held with PM’s adviser HT Imam in the chair.
Source: UNB Connect


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