BNP-AL clash in Hazaribagh ahead of rally

Photo: Amran Hossain/Star

A clash broke out between the leaders and activists of BNP and Awami League at Hazaribagh in the capital today (September 26, 2022).

The clash took place at Tally Office Road in Hazaribagh before the BNP rally was set to begin around 2:30pm.

Ehsanul Ferdous, additional deputy police commissioner of Dhanmondi zone, confirmed the matter to The Daily Star.

“BNP leaders and activists were marching towards the rally venue with sticks. I heard that when the procession came to Tally Office Road in Hazaribagh, there was a clash with Awami League leaders and activists. One or two people may have been injured in the incident. But the situation is normal now,” Ehsanul said.

“There is no need for sticks in a peaceful rally. If there are sticks, peace can be destroyed. That is why we have asked the people who came to the rally to do away with the sticks,” the police official told journalists present at the site.

The rally is being held at 16 places in the capital to protest against rising prices of fuel and the killing of four party leaders and activists.