BDR carnage Victims’ families demand execution of verdict

The families of the BDR officials who were killed in the Pilkhana carnage have demanded that the verdict in the case to be executed soon.

They also demanded that the masterminds of the incident be traced and brought under trail.

The family members of the victims made the demand after placing wreaths on the graves of the deceased army officials at Banani graveyard in Dhaka on Thursday morning, on the seventh anniversary of the carnage.

Slain RAB intelligence director Col Gulzar Uddin Ahmed’s elder sister Dilruba Khatun said: “Now that the verdict has already been pronounced in the BDR carnage, we want the verdict to be executed soon.”

Earlier, representatives of the president, prime minister, state minister for home, the chiefs of the armed forces, and the DG of the BGB paid their homage around 9am.

BGB Director General (DG) Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed said: “Many new laws have been formulated and I don’t think those laws have any lope holes for such incidents [BDR carnage] to repeat.”

Replying to a query about the masterminds, he said: “All those who were involved with the carnage have been brought under trial. I don’t think any one has been missed in the process.”

Meanwhile, a delegation of the BNP went to the graveyard to pay their tribute to the slain army officials around 11am. The party also demanded the formation of a judicial commission to reveal the real mystery behind the carnage.

The DG refused to make any comment on the formation of a commission, terming it as a “matter of the judiciary”.

During the BDR mutiny on February 25-26, 2009, at least 74 people including 57 army officials were killed at the force’s Pilkhana headquarters in Dhaka.

In November 2013 the court sentenced 150 soldiers of Bangladesh Rifles, now Border Guard Bangladesh, and two civilians to death, and jailed 161 for life for their involvement. It also gave rigorous imprisonment, ranging from three to 10 years, to 256, mostly BDR soldiers. The 277 other accused were acquitted.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. People who have placed the Cricket games at the anniversary of a national disgrace should know the answer. Maybe Delhi knows the answers too.


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