Attacks on minorities in Bangladesh, Pakistan evokes protest

Jamia Nagar residents holding placards during a protest peace march at the tomb of Dr. Zakir Hussain near Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi on Wednesday against violent attacks on minority communities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
The Hindu Jamia Nagar residents holding placards during a protest peace march at the tomb of Dr. Zakir Hussain near Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi on Wednesday against violent attacks on minority communities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

Residents of Jamia Nagar, Delhi, expressed strong condemnation to the attacks by organising a candle light vigil and peace march

Violent attacks on religious minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh in recent days have evoked popular protest in Delhi with residents of Jamia Nagar expressing strong condemnation. They held a candle light vigil and peace march on Wednesday, registering their protest against the killings of Shias and attacks on Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Holding placards which said “Stop Genocide of Hindus in Pakistan,” “We want Peace,” the peace marchers, including girls and young boys, raised slogans against the government of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Nuzhat, a Jamia Millia Islamia student who was part of the vigil, said: “Muslims in India are quite concerned about what is happening in Pakistan and Bangladesh. We condemn the attacks in the strongest possible terms and demand that the governments of the two countries should bring the perpetrators to book and ensure that the minorities remain safe and secured.”

Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) has also expressed concern over the cases of violence against Christians in Lahore last Saturday after an alleged blasphemy row. Expressing solidarity with the members of the minority community, the CBCI asked the Pakistani Prime Minister to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

In a statement the religious body highlighted the growing trend of attacks on Christians in Pakistan. “It is quite distressing to note that in recent years, attacks on Christians, in several parts of Pakistan are on the increase and there is a growing sense of insecurity among them. Under the pretext of alleged blasphemy, organised crime and violence are let loose by cynical mobs, causing heavy loss of life and damage to property,” the CBCI statement said.



  1. Bangladesh should not be lumped with Pakistan. In Bangladesh AL goons demolish temples in order to make it look like the job of Jamaat and religious parties and BNP. This is progrom carried out by the AL cadres, the paid servants of the Indian government.

  2. In Bangladesh Muslims are so fanatic to torture the hindu community for a long time. We don’t know why it has been happening in the modern civilization. In 1996 Ram madir-Babri mosque cases reflected quickly in Bangladesh/Pakistan and other countries. Right now they have already abolished more than 350 mandir in the last 20 days. Hindus are not taking any revenge in India or other countries like muslims. This is the basic difference between muslims and hindu community.

  3. Dear Rinku: Remember Godra 2002? Should I tell you 100 of others? There is progrom to keep Muslims in the lowest category. Especially by BJP. Let’s not open the flames. All of these are crimes against humanity. Let’s only talk Bangladesh and let’s try to improve matters here. Not by provoking and instigating or make believe things like AL is doing.

    • Shahabuddin Ahmed: How many times will u show the same crocodile pup?? Is that all you can find in 5000 years of Hindu history?? one Godhra and 1 Babri?? Hindu temples are being broken since Mahmud of Ghazni paid India a visit, as a pious duty. You need to quit looking for equivalents to cover up the dehumanizing manner in which they treat docile Bengali Hindus who have lived in Bengal before Islam or Christianity was born, and probably the stock your own ancestors came from. What is Bengal without Hindus?? you probably even went to a school established by a Hindu, or study Arithmetic by a Hindu author, or probably hum the tune of a SD Burman song everyday.

      Both Pakistan and Bangladesh reneged on it’s promise to be secular countries and completely marginalized religious minorities. Pakistan Islamicized with a vengeance, got rid of most Hindus and minorities who are now down to 2%. As if that was not enough, they now abduct Hindu girls and convert them by force, not to mention blasphemy laws and other ingenuous ways to humiliate a minuscule community. They had done this since 1947 from garbage like Enemy Property act to looking for spies under Hindu beds. In 1971 the Pak army had expressed orders to ethnically cleanse E Pakistan of Hindus. Today, Pakistan in its zeal for purity kills everyone from Kadiani to Hazara Shias. Post Liberation in Bangladesh Hindu Puja pandals were destroyed regularly. Fanatics from Bangla bhai to Jamati goons rampaged the countryside. Why are you so hell bent on equating Godhra with Bangladesh??? Are you going to take revenge for Lebanon riots next on Christians, or should USA start rioting for Christians massacred by Nigerian Islamists??

      You got funny logic, while sectarian massacres in Pakistan kill dozens every Friday in Pakistan, mosques from Laal masjid, to the countless dargahs from Feroz Shah to Bulleh Shah get desecrated you are stuck on your Hindu box and Godhra, like Mumbai 26/11 through Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Akshardham terror attacks don’t even matter. Lets not turn Bangladesh into another Pakistan, in entirety.

  4. It’s been seen in news reports that an AL activist was in the action of breaking down a ‘Shaheed Minar’ but he was not sent to jail, instead, he was released from the thana on the excuse that he was ‘insane’. Here’s a case where the culprit was caught red-handed. There may be more cases of this nature. The Ramu case is yet on the tray. In fact a real Muslim can never think of harming anyone whether of a minority community or not. But in this country of 90% Muslims (?) anti-Islamic activities are going on almost in every sector. This is why most of this 90% Muslims do not want Islamic laws and regulations to be in force. If it was not so convicts of death sentence, life imprisonment etc could not be granted Presidential clemency without caring a bit for what will be the reaction of the victims and their families. Just yesterday a TV reality show revealed how goons can be hired for torching rickshaws, baby taxis, cars and buses at different rates. Who knows if the power party does not have a clandestine plan to degrade and defame its opposition? To reply to Rinku Mr. Shahabuddin has rightly said. Can Rinku cite a single example that a Hindu MP’s house was burnt down along with himself and his family even after he repeatedly sought help of the police such as happened in Godhra? Rinku should learn the difference between the position of minority Hindus in Bangladesh and Minority Muslims in India. The difference was starkly shown in the report of the Sachar Commission formed by Indian govt to bring out the true picture of the Muslims in India. But I’m not telling it to minimize the culpability of what’s been done to the minority but human heart cannot ignore the reality around him.

  5. S. Ali says: “”Rinku should learn the difference between the position of minority Hindus in Bangladesh and Minority Muslims in India. “””

    Why should he/she need to learn that?? and who died and made You king that we need to hear from you, O Great one!!! Are Bangladesh Hindus dhimmis so you can kill as many as you want because of something happens somewhere?? Did Japan kill off Muslims when they broke Bamiyan Buddhas?? does US or England kill your the raving and ranting mullahs in London when they kill Christians in Lebanon or your Islamists go berserk in Nigeria?? where did you get such murderous logic and why?? did Indians go on a killing spree when Pakistan send those terrorists to blow up Mumbai Taj and countless other terror attacks?? So, what is the position of minorities????? Just one Shah Rukh Khan’s salary from one movie can produce 3 full length films in Pakistan. Paki stars from Veena Malik to the fat singer Adnan Sami rake in the moolah living in India, and we have seen singers like Mehdi Hassan couldnt afford treatment in Pakistan!!! Azim Premji alone can probably buy up the shares in all of Karachi Stock market, and not even going into the movie houses from Mehboob to Nadiadwalas. Indian Muslims do not die each and every day in dozens like in Pakistan sectarian massacres. No Kadiani graveyard is desecrated in India, while we saw Ahmadias run over in Bangladesh just a few weeks ago. Ajmer Sharif to Nizamuddin, Haji Ali still do their billion dollar business as usual while they blow up numerous dargahs in Pakistan. If anything, Dawood and his gang of criminals control Bollywood, and vote bank politics ensure Muslims are the king makers in many states. Militant Islamic gangs from SIMI to Indian Mujaheedin terrorize the countryside. Do not justify killing timid Bangladesh Hindus, but giving dangerous ‘reality’ lessons.

  6. Deepak: Please limit your cacophony to subject matter which is Bangladesh. I am asking you not to compare Bangladesh with Pakistan. I think we have been quite civilized in comparison to the temperament of BJP and Pakistan. Please read Mr S. Ali’s point of view. It is about time to make a Hindu the President of Bangladesh. Suranjit Sen is the best choice we have. He is the most patriotic Hindu we have in Bangladesh.

  7. Deepak: You are fraud. You hate Bangladesh and especially the Muslims. Perhaps you are BJP supporter from India. Or perhaps you live in the United States spreading bad stories about Bangladesh You and Suranjit Sen are alike. Very patriotic Non Bangladeshis.

  8. Deepak: You have searched and got the history of Muslims. I would suggest you search and go deep into the history of Bangladeshis. Hindu caste system screwed the lower castes for thousands of years. They accepted Islam in droves when the about 220 sufis arrived what is Bangladesh today. These people were fed up with the Bramhins and upper castes; so much so, they went in droves to accept Islam, a religion of peace and equality. Check your history right and only talk about Bangladesh. You are probably not a Bangladeshi. Perhaps you live in India or the United States. Studied free in Bangladesh and left when you got an opportunity. You have no business talking about problems in Bangladesh. We Bangladeshis are trying hard to reconcile our differences and develop our system. We will do better than India, only because we do not believe in a class system. In our eyes, every human being is equal unlike your BJP belief.

  9. Ok done with the characterization I am no patriot – and I agree you deserve Hilal e Jaurat. Now what??? So, it is ok for you to relate Bangladeshi Hindu killings to Godhra but others are not allowed?? what has a Bangladeshi Hindu from Sherpur or Patuakhali got to do with Godhra or Gujrat, which is 90000000000000000 miles away in Western India?? he is most probably on a subsistence level and has not even heard a word of Gujrati in his life? why is he the dhimmi in your warped logic??? Pakistan effects Indian behavior than Bangladesh, so why would Bangladesh Hindus pay for that???

    And where did you get this moral ground of being better than this and that?? Bangladesh is down to 10% Hindu from 35-40 % at partition, whereas Muslims in India are up specially in West Bengal. Do Hindus in Bangladesh have an Aligarh, an Osmania, or a Jamia Milia?? How many times have they destroyed Dhakeshwari temple?? where has the Ramna temple gone??? does Pakistan have a department in any university for Indology/Hindu studies, Sanskrit?? None.

    Don’t teach us patriotism brother, Bengali Hindus have Bangladesh in their blood and do not produce Rajakars, or do the bidding like a section of them did in 1971 of their Pakistan masters, going from door to door, hunting out their own people and killing them for Pakistan, or procuring helpless simple village folk to be raped by the Pak army monsters. Shame!


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