About Us

The Bangladesh Chronicle is a forum and online news source focused on the policy and social justices issues that relate to Bangladesh, both from the intra-national and international perspectives.

As a non-profit organization, The Bangladesh Chronicle (TBC) does not intend to rival other sources of information, which include BSS and Reuters. Instead, it will create a multicultural environment for the open discussion and presentation of ideas on stories that remain under-reported.

The main premise is to build a new dialogue on what Bangladesh as a nation currently is, has been, and is moving towards. In order to accomplish this, TBC will strive to be at the razor’s edge of current global affairs involving Bangladesh. Its goal is to offer readers concise, well researched articles that are not afraid to provoke thought and commentary. At its core it is a magazine that incorporates an analytical and investigative approach towards elucidating relevant and critical perspectives on Bangladesh, not just traditional news.

This given, TBC will cover a wide range of topics; social justice, policy, economics, health, politics, environmental concerns, as well as a sub-strata of subject areas derivative to these main headings. Often articles and photography will address these issues from an oblique angle, or represent a synthesis of topics. TBC will also connect you to reportage and op-ed journalism from other sources as they pertain to its focus.