‘Abolish quotas within 24 hours’


A Supreme Court lawyer has issued a legal notice on the government asking it to abolish quotas for government jobs within 24 hours.

Ekhlas Uddin’s notice following violent clashes of ‘students’ on Dhaka University campus earlier in the day for abolishing the quota provision.

The agitation resumed a day after furious students began protesting results of 34th BCS preliminary examinations.

Demonstrators contend they failed to make the grade despite obtaining high marks because of the quota system which has allowed many with much low marks to pass the test.

“Article 29 (a) of the Constitution says that there can be no discrimination between citizens of this country. But the quota system separates citizens into classes.”

The notice was sent to the Cabinet Secretary, Establishment Secretary, Education Secretary and Public Service Commission Secretary, he said.

“They have been given 24 hours to cancel the quota system; otherwise a writ petition will be filed with the High Court on Saturday.”

In response to a question, the lawyer said he proposed the quota system to be eliminated from the system. “I will do the same in the writ petition. I want that. But the court may order a reform.”

BCS results were out on Monday.

The Public Service Commission decided to reconsider the results in the wake of the protests.

Source: Bd news24


  1. Quota has been introduced by this government to ensure total Awami-isation of the public service.

    When someone asked President Eisenhower to what qualities his the then Vice President Nixon possessed, he replied “give a week, may be I can think of something:. I shall give you a year to think of one good thing that this Awami League government did during the last four year. I am more than sure that it would be a big zero. On the contrary it will only take only few seconds to list its long list of bad deeds – BDR massacre, Padma and other corruptions, enforced disappearances, Hefazat massacre, daily incidences of murder, loot and plunder by Chatro League, Jubo Leage etc. etc. no name only few!


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