32 more Bangladeshis on death row in various Middle East countries

By Nazmus Saquib

32 more Bangladeshi workers in various Middle East countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, United Arab Emirates may meet a fate similar to that of their eight compatriots, who were beheaded in public in Riyadh last year for murdering an Egyptian security guard. These 32 workers are at present languishing in jail in pitiable condition, reports satellite channel ATN Bangla today. The channel further added that the families of these accused workers have already submitted letters to the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment (MEWOE) seeking for the settlement of the issue after discussing with the victim’s families. They fear their dear ones would be executed if timely actions are not taken by the ministry. Last year various rights bodies blamed the ministry for its failure to negotiate the issue of the 8 migrant workers executions in Saudi Arabia.


  1. Did you observe these are all Arab countries? There only Arabs are ubermenschen and the miskins (who come from other third world countries to work for wages), untermenschen. The unfortunates have no right to justice. The offences are hardly ever investigated, the loaded judgements already taken in favour of Arabs. I have it on first hand evidence that the case of the eight previous unfortunates was instigated and perpetrated by the Egyptian who is more Arab than a guard and can do no wrong. In another case of traffic accident in Dubai, I was a witness on the spot. Even a blind man could see that the Arab driver caused the accident while overtaking from the wrong side, but it was the Pakistani who was made to pay the compensation. That was the off the cuff judgement of the shurta, the traffic police on duty. The Pakistani paid under duress, or else his licence would have been confiscated, without any chance of appeal. Who said, the Jim crow justice by Kangaroo courts are matters of the past? They may have been in Yankee land, but are well and alive in the Arab land.

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