Hasan urges Hefajat to withdraw its Siege Programme

News - Hasan urges Hefajat to withdraw its Siege Programme
 Environment and Forest Minister Hasan Mahmud on Friday urged Hafajat-e-Islam to withdraw its Dhaka Siege Programme on May 5 to help complete the rescue operation at Rana Plaza in Savar smoothly.

“Hefajat should withdraw its programme to lessen the public sufferings”, he said addressing a discussion organised by Bangabandhu Sangskritik Jote Dhaka Divisional unit at Shilpakala Academy in the city.

The minister also urged the Islamist group to take an initiative to hold dialogue with the government shunning the path of violence.

Hasan, also the publicity and publication affairs secretary of the ruling Awami League, called on the opposition to sit for dialogue on the framework of interim government.

“Dialogue might be take place with the opposition on the framework of the interim government, but it must be unconditional”, he said.

Awami League leader Awlad Hossain and Krishak League leader MA Karim, among others, addressed at the programme with Bangabandhu Sangskritik Jote Dhaka Divisional unit advisor Sheikh Jahangir Alam in the chair.

Source: UNB Connect


    Why not the Hasina created Awami Ulema League (1) Condemn the erection of human statues, garlanding them sprinkling GOLABJOL (Ganges Water)? (2) Why they do not ask Hasina, the queen of Termites to withdraw the title of SHAHID she conferred on the dead apostate going to his house personally , at least to show she cares for Islam as she cares for all other creeds?
    Do the Ulema League believe ” SOVEREIGNTY BELONGS TO ALLAH or to the ” SHUMOHAN” PARLIAMENT? Is it not polytheism to believe in the later?

    Today the banner of Islam is not in the hands of half educated, poor village Mullahs but in the hands of Muslim Muslima who are the best products of best western university and they have achieved mastery in every known human faculties. Hence the cry of Armageddon from the adversaries of the Muslims.


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