3 Israelis confess killing Palestinian teen

The suspects — two of whom are minors — told interrogators they wanted to avenge last month’s killing of three Jewish students in the occupied West Bank.

Lawyer for one of the suspects, Roze Aharon, said, “My client is charged, or is suspected at the moment, but will be charged on Friday with carrying out the murder in Shuafat, attempted kidnapping, and serious assault the previous day, and torching cars.”

Lawyers say it’s hard to know how their clients might plead to eventual charges, because access to their clients has been limited by the Israeli authorities.

Lawyer for one of the suspects who is a minor, Kveller Ben-Tzion said, “He’s young, he’s underage. He knows the charges are severe. He’s well aware of the situation.”

According to Israel’s security agency, the three suspects patrolled Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem and randomly found Khudair as their victim.

The case has sparked violent protests in Jerusalem and Israeli Arab towns and has brought relations between Palestinians and Israelis to their lowest point since peace talks broke down earlier this year.

Source: Bd news24


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