Bangaldesh invading Myanmar will outbreak a severe conflict in south Asia.

Bangaldesh invading Myanmar will outbreak a severe conflict in South Asia

by Avinash Kumar

India has very good diplomatic relation with both of the nations. Since Bangladesh is landlocked from 3 sides by India and a very small part is connected to Myanmar. This will not be easy for Bangladesh to go in all-out war without India having on its side. India being peaceful nation won’t side with either of them.

  • If Bangladesh will decide to attack Myanmar via the sea route, this will outburst a new conflict in already disturbed waters of south china sea.
  • China will surely come to aid of Myanmar, if not openly then secretly, but China will intervene for sure.
  • With China’s involvement, many countries like Vietnam, Japan, USA, Russia will covertly or overtly get engaged in the conflict making the situation very nasty.
  1. Now, since Bangladesh is a developing nation, it can’t afford an all-out war as it will break its economy and will derail its development 50–100 years back.
  2. War will make the region unstable with millions of lives will be lost. No country will afford all out war in South Asia as this region is witnessing the rise of two new world giants, India & China.
  3. Bangladesh is poor and weak country. Their rank in GFP power index 2016 is 52, while that of Myanmar is of 33. Clearly, Myanmar is strong military country. All out war between these 2 countries will only be led to a bloodbath of innocents.

Bangladesh invading Myanmar: There won’t be any winner but the only broken economy and crippled life of innocents.

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