High rice prices, weak banking sector buck Bangladesh’s economic gains in 2017

 The Bangladesh economy grew by a record 7.28 percent in the 2016-17 fiscal, beating the 7 percent target, thanks to the increased revenue collection, high foreign currency reserves propelled by a spike in export and remittance inflow.

One Response to High rice prices, weak banking sector buck Bangladesh’s economic gains in 2017

  1. We have to trust our economists as they are while in Govt. involved in planning with aspiration to show high GDP and low inflation or figures which bring pretige to incumbent government, while not in government they are the evaluator mostly in favorable terms with some astray comment like the escalated rice price has put middle class and lower class into troule, they folllow up such statement by covering up as the reasons being two floods. The banking sector is explained with reason as per as possible with polite and humble explanations. FDI rise, BoP, BB reserve, Padma Bridge all are illustrated to show despite some minor problem everything in economy is fine. So the have not felt any concern for suggesting any improvement and recommendation. There should be some analysis in our growth presentation & inflation irrespective of BBS presentation. Atleast BIDS should be an arbitrary platform to make a critical analysis before making them as basis for economic performance. Banking reform should be drastic and done by internationally reputed organisaions. Credit rating companies must certify any credit worthiness and the collaateral or mortage value to cover realization of defaultd loan. Banks should be freed from Political control and should be under Bangladesh bank control by professional people. Bank default and money laudering are tolertad and ignored by authorities. All mega projects are failing to maintain timeschedule, budet over run and quality default like padma bridge and may be RNPP. The debt service liability should be fore cast 2025 minimum to make sure that the nation is not facing Bankcrupsy and we are risk free in investventment in mega projects and we must monitor them whether they are on schedule or not. Our economists and intellectuals should be guardian of our illiterate and poorly educated ignorent people and give them actual position of their country.

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