Quader: Khaleda travelled to Cox’s Bazar by road to make a mess

The general secretary of Awami League alleged that BNP planned the attack on Khaleda’s motorcade for publicity

On Saturday, General Secretary Obaidul Quader of the Awami League made an allegation that Khaleda Zia, BNP Chairperson of BNP, travelled to Cox’s Bazar by air, not to distribute relief materials but only to “create a mess.”

In a commemorative meeting held at Anwara in Chittagong, Quader, where he was the chief guest, made the comment referring to the attack on Khaleda’s convoy in Feni on October 29.

Quader, also the minister for road transport and bridges, added, “They say Awami League launched the attack. If Awami League really was behind this, then why would journalists come under attack? No BNP leader was injured. Khaleda Zia did not receive any injury. She and her car went safely by. Only the journalists suffered injuries. It will receive a huge coverage in the national and international media if the journalists come under attack. That’s why BNP orchestrated the attack.”

He further said: “BNP knows very well that it will have to embrace the fate of Muslim League” and proceeded to elaborate how BNP is an “undisciplined party” and how the intellectuals from BNP agrees that it is a party in dire straits and has no option but to take part in the upcoming elections to survive.

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