ISI instigating Rohingya militants to create unrest, claims Bangladesh security analyst

ISI instigating Rohingya militants to create unrest, claims Bangladesh security analyst

Bangladeshi security analyst Major General (Retd.) Abdur Rashid said that ISI created the Rohingya issue by using the Arakan militants to hinder the development activities of the opponent countries.

Sahidul Hasan Khokon

Dhaka, October 15, 2017

Abdur Rashid

Bangladeshi security analyst Major General (Retd.) Abdur Rashid has claimed that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has created the Rohingya issue because of their jealousy towards the developing countries including Bangladesh and India.

Claiming that militant organisation ARSA is conducting militant activities in the Arakan with the help of ISI, the former military official told India Today that ISI created the Rohingya issue by using the Arakan militants to hinder the development activities of the opponent countries.

Rashid said, “Huge Rohingya influx is (sic) entering Bangladesh like sea wave after being killed and persecuted in their homeland Myanmar. And now it is very difficult for the country to ensure housing and support for such a huge number of refugees. Besides, there are different types of risks including economic, social security and also the possibility of increase in criminal activities.”

The former military official also said that the issue of security should be kept in consideration. He further said that a Pakistani quarter is active to make Bangladesh unstable since its independence in 1971 and they will try to keep the Rohingya issue alive.

Q. Do you think Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is patronising Rohingya militant organisation ARSA?

Abdur Rashid:  Yes. We have seen international media and also some of the organization who had been tracking the militants organization. There are reports that ISI is instigating the rise of the ARSA activities and also the 30 camps which had been attacked by them. I think it has ISI backing. ISI is not instigating only Rohingya militants, they are also instigating the other militants organization in Bangladesh as well as in India. So, we have to ensure that such intelligence organization must not find any place to work in this region.

Q. How you evaluate the Rohingya issue?

Abdur Rashid: Rohingya crisis has caused a tremendous problem, rather destructed the centre of the South Asian equation. So, in this context, I see the various economic initiatives like BBIN, BIMSTIC, BCIM –all have been struck by only one issue Rohingya at this moment.  I see a change in the polarization in South Asia. Bangladesh is looking for just an exit how to solve this problem.

Q. Arakan militants are coming to Bangladesh with normal Rohingya people. Do you agree?

Abdur Rashid: Not necessarily. It is very unwise to think that all Rohingyas are militants. Militants may take a chance to get mixed up with them and come to Bangladesh. But, it is good that at this moment, Bangladesh regime is against terrorism. We have secular government in power and I am sure that they won’t get any space in Bangladesh. That a good thing for the region. I consider Rohingya crisis not just a threat to Bangladesh, it may also cause, you know, problems for the region as a whole, to India, in a matter of fact for China also. So in that case, one should be careful that this problem is basically ethnic problem not a religion problem. In that case, we must be able to solve this crisis as soon as possible. Prolong the stay of Rohingya in the Bangladesh territory would certainly create sum scope for the militancy to grow.

Q. Do you think Rohingyas can be involved in militancy using Bangladeshi soil?

Abdur Rashid: No. I don’t agree with that. Because in Bangladesh, we have seen other militants organization also. They try to get some space in Bangladesh, but the govt and people have protested them. I told earlier that Bangladesh as a whole, the govt and people  are not conducive to the militants and terrorism development.

Q. Can Rohingya militants be a threat for Bangladesh in future?

Abdur Rashid: Yes. It’s a big question. Because it not only militant threat, there is other ramifications also. We are seen that it’s a social problem, economical problem, environmental problem. I think Rohingya problem for Bangladesh will be long-term. For that reason, our security may be fragile. They will once again be involved in domestic and international militancy.


Source: India Today


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  1. Major General (Retd.) Abdur Rashid : ISI has political agenda like raw to dislocate their un favorable government to a favorable one. Raw also has got same agenda.India is planning to push back 30 lac refugees to Bangladesh, in comprision to 10 lacs from Myanmar.India is planning to push their Myanmar Rohingya to y Bangladesh has not made any sustenable development to envy.Ayub khan scored average 6-7% DDP on average during his 10 years. India has gone 3 step down to 100th in hunger.Bangladesh is 88th in global hunger index.Look into history from when the Rohingyas were driven across. Rohingyas were citizens of Arakan since 15th century or earlier. When Buma conqured Arakan in 1784 the massacred the local popolation Buddin Rakhine and Rohingya Muslims.bangladesh was not born at that time.Aramkanese fled to many countries in the world and in Saudi Arabia there are 300,000 people. For Baqngladesh to send them back as quickly as possible.Think of solving this problem rather than beating about the Bush. We are between Scylla and Charybdis India and Myanmar both are hawks looking at the bird of pray.India is trying to push their myanman Rohingya to us.

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