16th amendment: Law minister hopeful about review

Law Minister Anisul Huq on Monday hoped that the review of 16th amendment case will return power to MPs to sack judges.

Earlier, the stated failed to get appellate verdict of of the 16th Amendment in favour of it as the high court verdict had called the parliament dysfunctional.

However, the law minister still believes that review of the decision can restore the provision that allowed parliament to sack top judges.

“I believe we will be victorious in our legal steps over the 16th amendment case,” Minister Anisul Huq replied while answering to a question of opposition Jatiya Party MP Fakhrul Imam in parliament on Monday.

“The High Court verdict had called the parliament dysfunctional. But you said ‘We will surely win at the Supreme Court’. What is your position on this now?” Imam asked the law minister

“Yes, I stood here that day and said that we will win. The Appellate Division is the authority on verdicts. They have made a decision,” said the minister.

Earlier in 2014, 16th Amendment to the Constitution to return to parliament the power to sack judges over incapacity or misconduct was passed by the government.

But the High Court declared the amendment ‘illegal’, in last year.

The full verdict was finally released on August 1 which did not go in favour of the state.

However, the state can still ask for a review petition even though there is slim chance to overturn the verdict.

Source: The Daily Ittefaq

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