SC won’t fall in trap of criticisms: CJ

The Supreme Court will not fall into trap of criticisms, Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha said today in the backdrop of criticisms over the 16th amendment verdict.

Constructive criticisms can be made, otherwise the judiciary will be harmed, the chief justice said while presiding over the apex court bench.

He also requested all not to criticise the Supreme Court judgement.

Criticisms from the lawmakers and cabinet members have been following around the apex court since it scrapped the 16th amendment to the constitution.

Besides ripping the parliament’s power to impeach judges, it passed some sharp observations against the Awami League government and the manner it is running the country.

In follow-up of the criticisms, Law Commission Chairman ABM Khairul Haque yesterday strongly criticised the verdict, terming it misconceived, irrelevant and immature.

Some pro-BNP lawyers today placed some newspaper reports, containing his criticisms, before Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha this morning – prompting the chief justice to make the request.

Supreme Court Bar Association President Advocate Zainul Abedin and its Secretary AM Mahbub Uddin Khokon and some other lawyers placed the reports before the chief justice, saying that Justice Khairul’s comments are highly contemptuous.

Source: The Daily Star

One Response to SC won’t fall in trap of criticisms: CJ

  1. A conspiracy theory is being heard about all the events surrounding the S K Sinha verdict and its reactions. It is being said that the drama is staged to give people the feeling that the judiciary is absolutely free and neutral and therefore, people will easily accept the verdicts in near future convicting BNP top leaders to keep them away from next general election or accept S K Sinha the head of the election time government or even the President of the country. However, I personally believe that it is only a rumour/conspiracy theory which will be proved by the unfolding events of the future. Especially, if the current government really faces crisis due to this verdict and the country heads to a free and fair election to form a people’s government as expected in this verdict.

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