Law Commission chief criticises SC verdict

Former chief justice Haque heavily criticised some of the observations made by current Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha at a media briefing on Wednesday.

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  1. Which supreme authority has empowered Law Commission Chairman Justice ABM Khairul Haque to censure the Supreme Court verdict? – Is he entitled to comment on the verdict of CJ? Would he have tolerated any body doubting legality of a verdict during his period?

    Former chief justice Haque heavily criticized some of the observations made by current Chief Justice – observations which came in the course of discussion during the trial between the parties may come as reference if they have relevance.
    Parliament’s powers Over judiciary is ill conceived though Law Commission chief may not agree to it.Law is to protect people from oppressive ruler.

    Our MPs are bound to the house chief by article 70. In representative democracy specially in a majority house people has no power to call back their representative if he usurps them or act against people’s interest.

    Refer to the above opinion and use your wisdom to work out a constitution fitting a people’s republic where public representatives and judiciary are equally accountable to people.
    First ensure a real People’s Republic of Bangladesh. We have not seen one in since our liberation-a promised Sonar Bangla still remains a golden deer
    Observation focus that people were deprived of real democracy two times by military dictators, rest of the time by 2 political parties through amendments which went against the spirit of our liberation struggle and electoral commission had always favored the incumbent Government in exchange of some privilege except once during Yahya Khan and once during Care Taker Government. Some body has to do these courageous job to set a future course for The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
    I refer to a famous columnist Mr. Gaffer Chowdhury who visited the honorable chief justice and found him simple sincere and vastly knowledgeable his observation bears mark of his power of observation,logic, and reflections from media publications on our MP’s and working of the Jatiyo Sangsad.
    Immaturity on both sides cannot be used by Law Commission chief if he himself does not lack maturity
    What lures Justice Haque to warn against Supreme Judicial Council for an independent Judiciary? We have seen dictatorial as well as Governments elected under indirect election finally ending up in an autocratic system. Till a system of multiparty system under direct popular vote is established, independent judiciary is the only safeguard for people against autocracy and fascism.
    Rest of the points of Mr Haque are about relevance of the 799 pages verdict of appellate court, schedule of law ministers briefing the media which appears to me indicative of a long battle ahead which might radiate a lot of heat around the country and some horse trading are also likely to happen.

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