BNP fears govt may remove CJ on health ground

Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Wednesday expressed fear that the government might move to remove chief justice SK Sinha creating an excuse of calling him ‘mentally sick.’
The party said the ruling party was annoyed over the recent verdict that scrapped 16th amendment to the constitution which re-empowered parliament for removal of Supreme Court judges for incapacity or misconduct.
BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi addressing a discussion at the National Press Club in Dhaka said now it was being feared and discussed everywhere whether they (ruling party) were proceeding to brand the chief justice mentally sick or any other ‘evil motive.’
Rizvi observed that the verdict had hit their (ruling party) heart.
The ruling Awami League was raising voice after the release of the full-text of the verdict on August 1.
In the observation of the verdict among other issues the chief justice highlighted Bangladesh’s politics, military rule, parliament, lawmakers, Election Commission and independence of judiciary.
The BNP senior joint secretary general said they (ruling party) could not accept the observations and became unnerved over the observations.
Bangladesh National Awami Party, a partner of the BNP-led alliance, organised the discussion on ‘current instability: on which way Bangladesh’ to mark 8th death anniversary of the party’s chairman Shafiqul Ghani Swapan.
The BNP’s senior joint secretary general criticised the government for not holding the funeral and burial of the late legendary film actor Abdur Razzak with state honour.
Presided over by NAP secretary general Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan, the discussion was addressed, among others, by BNP joint secretary general Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal and National Party chairman Syed Ehsanul Huda.

Source: New Age

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  1. You can only express fear express fear. You have no power to fight, not enouh shyrewedness to match AL. You made wealth which Tareq and Koko amassed for them. Party & party workers have shared little. It is difficult to run the party. You have lost very good position when you make a quick attempt using Dhaka Gherao of hefazat which was foiled by AL politics of winning support of Allama Shafi and a night raid with a merciless. Your leaders could not wait to slow and steady program to win the race.Al PM Hasina should a good gesture to physically Visit Khaleda to offer cndolence for Koko stupid, Dull head Tareq foiled the chance of a soft way to political fight.Then you made an ill start to a bloody hartal causing loss of life, buses and property to the dislike of people. Thereafter AL took a tough course using the dirty strategy of Goom, cross fire, false cases to cripple you thoroughly. Your one time activists are hiding for life. Rizmi and feww others sometimes speak to press if there is any issue, cannot take out procession. Your alliances are equally weak. But in news paper we read that your leader goes abroad with aluggage of not less than 25 numbers whereas her husband wasa simple living honest man, as people knew. Now people need you to get rid of present situation. How can you reach them?

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