No Eid joy: Khaleda

“You all know that Eid is a time of celebrations for all Muslims,” she said at an Eid event on Monday.

“But there is no joy in our hearts this Eid. There is no joy in the hearts of Bangladeshis across the country. We cannot enjoy a festive environment.”

And, this is because of grief following disasters across the country, rising inflation, skyrocketing rice prices and the sufferings of those who travelled home to spend holidays, Khaleda said.

“The price of rice during Ramadan was at a record high. This year the price of low-quality rice was so high that the poor could not eat two full meals a day. Everything costs too much. And now our electricity and gas bills are to go up. Can we enjoy Eid in this situation?” she asked.

The former prime minister then gave the answer herself: “No.”

“There is a section of people – those with massive amounts of money – who have gone for Eid shopping in Bangkok, Singapore, Kolkata or Delhi. And some people have been unable to buy clothes.”

Inequality around the country is increasing, said the BNP chief.

“A certain section of society has become wealthy and has begun looting. Another section has slipped into poverty. The number of people in poverty has increased. There are no opportunities for work.”

Wealth is being concentrated in only a small segment of people, she said.

She bemoaned the state of the road network, saying accidents and deaths had increased due to the Awami League government’s neglect.

Khaleda said the new budget is the worst ever and it has created infighting within the Awami League.

“The Awami League has destroyed the country,” she said. “They have destroyed every institution with corruption. The condition of everyone has worsened. This is why the people want freedom from the grasp of the Awami League. The people want change.”


The BNP chairperson also spoke about the next parliamentary elections, saying no election presided over by the Hasina government ‘could be safe or fair’ in any way.

“We have seen what the Awami League gangsters and thugs do. We sent our secretary general to help the victims of the landslides, and they attacked his convoy. Do you expect that? Do you think, after that, a proper election is possible under Hasina!”

Khaleda said an ‘impartial and facilitatory government’ was necessary for a free and fair general election.

“Only under such a government can the Election Commission can work impartially. The armed forces must also be deployed. Then the people will be able to go to the polling centres and cast their votes without fear.”

Following the Eid event, Khaleda visited the graves of her husband late president Ziaur Rahman at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar and her younger son Arafat Rahman Coco.

She was accompanied during the visits by BNP Standing Committee members Khandker Mosharraf Hossain, Moudud Ahmed, Jamir Uddin Sircar, Mirza Abbas, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, Amanullah Aman, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi and other central leaders.

Source: bdnews24

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