Bangladeshi killed in California


A Bangladeshi has been shot dead in California in the United States by an unknown assailant.

Mostafizur Rahman, 48, was found dead near his home at Bakersfield at 5am Monday.

He was shot eight times on the left side of his chest.

Rahman, hailing from Jamalpur, went to the US with his wife, two sons and one daughter on diversity visa lottery in 2010.

His friends said he bought a house at Bakersfield a month ago and organised an Iftar party for the local community there on Monday.

Before moving to the US, Rahman worked as a manager of Acme Laboratories in Bangladesh.

He started a taxi company, American Express Taxi, a year after moving into Los Angeles.

Rahman used to drive a taxi himself. He worked in shifts and used to return home around 4am every day.

When he did not return home on Monday, his wife went out on the driveway and found his car parked there. She found him dead on the road.

Bangladeshis living in the same community said Rahman was a friendly person but his thriving business made a lot of people ‘envious’ of him.

Rahman’s daughter graduated recently while his two sons are still in high school. His wife works as a nurse in a local hospital.

He will be buried on Friday after funerals at a local Downtown mosque.

Source: The Daily Ittefaq

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