Rajon murder case: HC upholds death sentences of four

The High Court on Tuesday upheld the death sentences of four convicts for killing 13-year-old boy Samiul Alam Rajon who was tortured to death in Sylhet on July 8, 2015.

The rest six convicts were sentenced for different terms.

A bench of Justice Jahangir Hossain and Justice Md Jahangir Hossain delivered the verdict after hearing the death references and appeals of the convicts.

The four death row convicts are Qamrul Islam alias Quamrul , Tajuddin Ahmad alias Badal, Sadik Ahmed alias Bara Moyna and Zakir Hossain alias Pavel alias Raju.

The court, however, commuted life sentence of Noor Ahmed alias Noor Mia to six months, who was sentenced to life-term for recording the video footage of the gruesome incident.

The High Court Division on March 13 set for today to deliver its verdict on death reference and appeals in the case.

Sylhet Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court on November 8, 2015 sentenced the four people.

On July 8, 2015, Rajon was beaten to death by the convicts at Kumargaon Bus Stand area of Sylhet Sadar.

The 28-minute video footage went viral and shows Quamrul, in a black T-shirt and lungi, hitting the boy with a stick in the feet, joints of legs, shoulders and in the head.

Source: New Age

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  1. Its a strange matter why the Hon’ble Judges at various levels of the system differ in their judgement. Aren’t they supposed to follow the same books & knowledge bank ?

    One honb’le Judge gives life sentence while another makes it 6 months !! What a contrast & lack of uniformity. Court commuted life sentence of Noor Mia to six months, who was sentenced to life-term for ‘recording the video footage’ of the incident.

    Had it not been for Noor Mia’s footage, the entire gruesome event would have gone unnoticed & unpunished. He deserves total freedom & appreciation. Citizens should be encouraged to record similar crimes/ events in their mobile camera & pass them to authorities for crime control & better social order.

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