BNP demands disbanding RAB

Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Thursday demanded disbanding of the Rapid Action Battalion for its  alleged involvement in ‘secret killings of people’ referring a Swedish radio revealing it through a recorded audio.

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi at a news briefing at the party’s central office alleged that the incumbent government has turned RAB into an organisation moving with death warrant.

He said ugly face of the elite force now strongly stirred conscience of the entire world not only Bangladesh following a leak of sensational descriptions of secret killings by RAB on a Swedish radio.

‘Sveriges Radio’ run by Swedish government’s fund released a secretly recorded audio which narrated descriptions that how an official of RAB manufactures a drama, after killing people, Rizvi said.

The description of the drama stated —’if you get him (target person) then shot him to death whoever he may be and keep an arms beside him’ the Rizvi said adding that the audio also narrated how the killing would be projected in crossfire before media and ordinary people in dramatic style.

That RAB official mentioned three tactics of how to subject any person for enforced disappearance — catch the targeted person, killing him and hiding the body, Rizvi said.

He said the prime minister suppress the opposition by using a killer force like RAB.

Source: New Age

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