Awami League launches new webpage for Sajeeb Wazed Joy


Titled “Sajeeb Wazed : Architect of Future Bangladesh and Visionary Youth Leader”, the new webpage,, illustrates how Joy devised the dream of a digital Bangladesh and is now helping in setting the country on the road to emerging as a  technologically advancednation.

Joy spearheads the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ campaign as a ‘voluntary’ advisor to his mother.

Recently he received the ‘ICT for Development Award’ from a group of US-based institutions.

As chairman of a policy think-tank and research organization, Centre for Research and Information  (CRi), he has helped design a number of programmes for connecting youth with policymakers. Among the programmes have been Let’s Talk and Policy Cafe.

Joy graduated in computer science from Bangalore University before doing computer engineering at the University of Texas, Arlington, USA.

He finished his Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

He was the first Bangladeshi to be selected as a Young Global Leader for the year 2007 as an Information Technology (IT) specialist by the World Economic Forum.

He is credited with providing leadership to the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ campaign, which was the main election slogan of the Bangladesh Awami League when it returned to power in December 2008.

Since then the rate of accessing government services digitally has increased to a large extent. It is now 35 percent, compared to only 0.3 percent in 2008.

Export earnings from ICT rose to $300 million in 2015 from $26 million in 2009.

The government has set up 5,000 digital centres, which are providing 200 distinct services, across the country. Some 8,000 post offices are on track to become digital centres as well.

Last year, the government opened a 60,000-square-feet software technology park to which 16 companies moved, with 34 more planning to do so soon.

This year in July, Bangladesh’s first IT Incubation Centre was launched. The project is expected to create over 100,000 jobs in the coming years.

Source: New Age

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  1. I am warrid to observe that except one or two TV channels almost all r active against Awami League. No one is focusing positive side of AL and it’s progresses.They r interested to giving live coverage of k.zia,fakrul and rizvi to uphold their false accusation/propaganda against AL and this govmnt as well as liberation war to the people.Whem AL leaders r calling any news conference not a single TV channel giving live coverage of it. But when K Zia appairs in road she is getting full TV live coverage always. Why AL not taking action against those TV channel owners and it’s correspondents. Though almost all owners r pro AL.Ekattor TV playing a roll like ekushe TV along with other TV channels.What was the roll of ekattor TV when K Zia gong made a road show in name of rohingha issue.After that I stop to watch ekattor TV I did same when ekushe TV played same roll before/after 2014. If we observed TT almost all TV channels invite newly born razakar and it’s followers in the name of freedom of speachs. It must be stop. Plz call all TV chn owners who got licences from AL govmnt otherwise AL will never remain/come to power. I can express my opinion in future if I get your email for my sefety. Joy Bangla

  2. Along with ICT, we also need to focus on our children education in rural Bangladesh.

    I would like to present our special effort towards Children Education in a remote island in Bangladesh. With nominal government support, we have been running this school for last 30 years where the strong rivers in the delta claimed the school 8 times, yet we rebuilt for the empowerment of education to village children.
    We believe this is an exemplary establishment that deserves some international help and attention. We are arranging a program at school on 29 Dec. Attached is a case study done by a Grade-10 student at the International School Bangkok (ISB) who highlighted student struggles and how people can help with children education and fight against child marriages.
    For additional information, visit
    Thanks and best regards,
    Munir Farook
    Committee Secretary – ROAH School

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