Suranjit wants MPs to take immediate steps for banning hartal


Minister without portfolio and ruling party MP Suranjit Sengupta on Thursday in Parliament urged the lawmakers to take immediate steps for banning hartal.


Rising on a point of order, he said the Members of Parliament (MPs) will have to take a decision. “We’ve to stop the horrible hartals.”


Suranjit also said that if anyone causes any unwanted incidents during the hartal hours that person will have to pay compensation.


He mentioned that the Supreme Court of the country will not sit idle closing their eyes,


The senior MP said Parliament will have to deeply consider whether or not hartal will remain as a democratic tool.


In this connection, he mentioned the verdicts of West Bengal High Court and Kerala High Court where they fined Tk 24 lakh and Tk 20 lakh respectively for hartal related cases.


Suranjit also mentioned that the Appellate Division of the country while responding to a writ against hartal in the past made some observations. Justice Golam Rabbani and Justice Latifur Rahman then gave the observations after rejecting the writ.


“Before any intervention by the Supreme Court, I will request the MPs to take a decision,” he said.


Earlier, another senior ruling party MP Tofail Ahmed requested the opposition leader to sit with the Prime Minister for holding dialogue to resolve the ongoing political stalemate.


“If you want to resolve the crisis you’ve to sit with the Prime Minster,” he said, indicating the opposition leader.


Tofail said why the opposition leader wanted general secretary level talks when the Prime Minister herself offered to do so.

Source: UNB Connect

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