State playing role of criminal

Police handcuff citizens and then tie them together after arresting them ahead of the opposition rally tomorrow and produce them before a Dhaka court yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan


Alleges BNP, vows to ‘resist any sort of obstructions’

Amid widespread arrests and political tension, the main opposition BNP and its allies have almost completed their preparations for holding a grand rally in the city tomorrow.

Party leaders hoped lakhs of people from across the country will join the meeting to hear BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia in front of the party’s central office at Nayapaltan.

Besides declaring expansion of the BNP-led four-party alliance, Khaleda is expected to announce a fresh agitation programme to mount pressure on the government for restoration of the caretaker government system in the constitution, party insiders said.

The BNP high-ups have instructed its activists to take a position instantly on the streets and retaliate to stay on, if obstructed by the ruling party men on their way to the rally.

Accusing the government of arresting over 3,000 party activists till yesterday, BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the state is playing the role of criminals to foil the rally and the government has enforced a reign of terror in the country.

“The government has launched an undeclared war against the people. It could have disallowed us holding the rally if there were any specific laws against it…. The consequences of obstructing the rally will not be good,” he told a press briefing at the party’s central office.

He alleged that police have been directed to stop people heading for the meeting from the district and upazila towns.

“Restrictions have also been imposed on the movement of inter-district buses, launches and steamers as well as on issuance of train tickets and booking rooms at city hotels so that the BNP men cannot join the rally,” mentioned Fakhrul adding, the administration has cancelled the reservations of buses and launches made by his party men.

“Even police didn’t give permission to start the work for putting up a stage and use loudspeakers,” he maintained.

The BNP leader further asserted that despite all these obstacles, the rally will be a turning point in the country’s politics.

Party insiders said thousands of its supporters have already thronged the city taking different routes.

The BNP has adopted strong security measures taking some “aggressive remarks” of several ruling party leaders into serious consideration.

Party’s own security members, volunteers and special teams comprised of 1,300 persons will ensure safety of the supporters and activists of BNP.

Besides, pro-BNP doctors and nurses have formed 36 medical teams to provide medical treatment to the activists, if required.

Enthusiasm among the party men over the rally is also evident. The Nayapaltan area has worn a festive look with illumination of party office buildings and hanging of colourful banners, festoons and portraits of party leaders.

Loudspeakers will be installed from Motijheel to Shahbag and Motijheel to Malibagh level crossing area via Nayapaltan and Shantinagar.

Khaleda’s address will be shown on 12 big screens to be installed at different spots. Her speech will also be broadcast live on the website

Contacted, city BNP leader Abdus Salam said 13 reception centres will be set up at the entrances to the capital to welcome the party activists.

He further noted that they could not start the work for putting up the stage yesterday as police were yet to permit them to do so.

Political tension has grown in the country recently over the grand rally as some leaders of ruling Awami League had warned that the opposition meeting might incite violence to create anarchy in the country.

The leader of the opposition from aChittagongrally on January 9 had declared “Dhaka Cholo” (Let’s march towardsDhaka) programme as part of her party’s anti-government movement.

Source: The Daily Star

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