BSF's brutality on a Bangladeshi citizen: Indian Channel NDTV airs a shocking video footage

A disturbing video that has now been accessed by the media including NDTV shows what appears to be a group of jawans beating up a young man ruthlessly near the Bangladesh border after he allegedly refused to give them a bribe. The victim is seen on the ground with his hands and feet tied as the men in uniform torture and strip him.

NDTV cannot confirm the origin or authenticity of the video. Details of what happened are emerging slowly. The assault reportedly took place a few days ago – the exact date is not yet clear – in Murshidabad district in West Bengal close to the Bangladesh border.

Indian TV channel NDTV shows the footage of men in BSF uniform stripping and torturing an alleged Bangladeshi cow smuggler in Murshidabad of West Bengal close to the Bangladesh border.

Top officers of the Border Security Force say they are investigating the matter and promise swift action. “The prima facie finding is that some BSF personnel were indeed involved. Investigations on and action will be taken tonight,” Ravi Kumar Ponoth, BSF’s Inspector-General for South Bengal told NDTV.

The men in uniform allegedly suspected their victim was a cow smuggler. When they caught him, he allegedly refused to pay them a bribe. They retaliated viciously. Locals are saying the man was then pushed across the border into Bangladesh but this has not been independently confirmed.

One theory on how the video came to light is that a cyber cafe owner downloaded the footage from a jawan’s cellphone when the jawan visited the cafe to download music. Another version is that BSF members circulated the video as a warning to other cow smugglers.

Cow smuggling is common at the Indo-Bangladesh border at Murshidabad which has a 135 km border with the neighbouring country. Only 110 km of that border is apparently fenced.

Click this link to watch the video >>

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7 Responses to BSF's brutality on a Bangladeshi citizen: Indian Channel NDTV airs a shocking video footage

  1. This shows how indians treat us in general. But our prime minister doesn’t see or hear anything about indian brutality. Don’t worry, Hasina will get doctorate degrees from the universities all around India.

  2. Just Fed Up of these Inhuman Behavoiurs !….They Have been Torturing , Killing these Innocent,Poor ppl every single day in the Borders…n on the other Hand wat we get 2 C ?…we c A Government (All Parties in BD) which is totally Denying, Unaware, Unanswerable n Unspoken !..Sometimes i Just can Relate Which Country I Belong 2 !…Wake Up Ppl !!!

  3. I have nothing to say, simply shocked and discusted by the fact that how a human being can treat another human being in such way..I had a great respect for indian I guess I am wrong!!!!!! I hope and pretty sure that the majority of the Indian good hearted people with humanity will oppose these barbaric act perpetrated by some ignorant and hatfull filthy BSF. And I also honestly hope that the Govt. of Indian will do the right thing bringing these people to justice.

    Toronto, Canada

  4. This is India! No Surprise.
    When shall our dearest PM wake up?

  5. Very Shocked To See This Scene.India Govt. And Their People,s Nature Are

    So Bad For Their Neighboring Country.Sham Sham Sham For India!!!

  6. Commenter friends, don’t worry. This is the real ‘spirit of liberation’ – to submit unconditionally to the wishes of our ‘big brother’. And ain’t we perpetually indebted to them? They must get everything from us they wish. After all what’s the position of a ‘kept’ else than it? There is a great section of Bangladeshi (or better say Bangalee) who want to give away literally ‘everything’ including the loincloth if India wants. So no worry, no surprise.

  7. India can do this kind of barbarity and get away with it, because our rulers and foreign agents do not have the guts to stand up to it.