REMEMBERING THE MASSACRE, Faruque Khan backtracks on his views

The Daily Star, 24 March 2009

Militants’ Link
Faruque Khan backtracks on his views

Staff Correspondent

Commerce Minister Lt Col (retd) Faruk Khan yesterday retracted his earlier comments linking Islamist militants to the Pilkhana carnage.

He said the statements he had made before were not based on probe findings; rather they were his personal observations.

He said this at a press briefing at BDR Pilkhana headquarters.

“After an analysis of the information gleaned from different sources, it seemed to me that militants were involved. Besides, I have visited the crime scene and talked to many people,” explained the minister.
The same day FBCCI President Annisul Huq said “too much talk about militant activities would only tarnish the country’s image”.

Earlier on March 16, Law Minister Shafique Ahmed said until the enquiry reports are available, no-one should be accused of involvement in the Pilkhana bloodbath.

Soon after being assigned by the government to coordinate the work of probe committees, Faruk Khan said Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) had a hand in the BDR massacre.
Speaking to reporters on March 12, he said, “We have gathered that a number of jawans arrested in the mutiny case were involved in JMB somehow or other. I won’t give more details as that might alert others having links to the mass killings.”

A couple of days later, the minister said, “We have some evidence that several militant organisations had role in the bloody revolt.” He, however, did not elaborate on the proof.

Then he told reporters in Gopalganj that they had found some more proof of “various types of organisations’ involvement in the BDR carnage”.
“However, we won’t disclose anything until we reach a stage when we can prove those beyond doubt,” he added.

At a pre-budget meeting with the National Board of Revenue yesterday afternoon, Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry President Annisul Huq said, “Too much talk about militant activities would only tarnish the country’s image and prompt others to brand Bangladesh as a militant state.”
“These days, we see militants lurk in every jungle,” he said adding, “We need to be careful while talking militancy. Two of our directors have already faced visa problems due to this.”

Annisul said he heard that the militant issue might have something to do with theMalaysia government’s cancellation of 55,000 work visas to Bangladeshis. “We don’t want to believe that though.”

The FBCCI boss observed that if unnecessary discussions about militants continue people going abroad would have difficulty obtaining visas. And this may affect the economy as well.

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