11 birds stolen after zoo break-in

Two out of six Ring Necked Yellow Parakeet birds are seen in the bird cages at the National Zoo in Mirpur on Tuesday.

Thieves broke into an enclosure of the National Zoo in Mirpur early Monday and got away with eleven birds of three species.

Six Ring Necked Yellow Parakeet, two Lorikeet Red Parrot and three Sulphur-crested Cockatoos were stolen from a single cage, Dr ABM Shahid Ullah, the curator of the national zoo confirmed.

The birds were stolen anytime between midnight on Sunday and 5:00am on Monday, he said adding that the incident of theft was due to negligence of the zoo night guards.

Authorities suspended two guards — Shankar Mridha and Chand Mia and closed Shafiqul Islam, a member of Ansar, the curator said.

All the stolen birds are exotic from Australia, Inam Al Haq, president of the Bangladesh Bird Club, told The Daily Star.

These birds are bred and raised in cages throughout the world including Bangladesh, he said.

The estimated value of these birds may be Tk 165,000 in local market, Inam said.

A case was filed with Shah Ali Police Station on Tuesday.

Source: The Daily Star


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